You can apply for certificates issued by MoI through Metrash2 and get it via email

You can apply for certificates issued by MoI through Metrash2 and get it via email By Qatar Day - October 30, 2021
Ministry of Interior

You can apply for different certificates provided by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) through Metrash 2 app and get it delivered to your email inbox, according to a recent tweet of the Ministry

Certificates Service of the Ministry of Interior

This service enables individuals, whether expatriates or visitors, and companies to submit an online request to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) to issue different types of certificates as follows:

Certificates Available for Individuals:

• To Whom It May Concern Certificate

• Residency Status Certificate

• Visitor Status Certificate

• Family Residency Status Certificate

• Change of Name Certificate

• Change of Nationality Certificate

• Change of Birth Date Certificate

• Entry/Exit Certificate

• Certificates Available for Companies:

• Change/Amendment of Company Name Certificate

• Entry/Exit Certificate

• Company Number of Workers Statistic Certificate

Online Instructions

• Login with your smartcard to MoI e-services portal.

• Select “Residency Services” then “Certificates”.

• Use “Expatriate Data” page to enter the type of certificate and concerned person.

• Select the type of certificate to be issued from the “Certificate Type” list.

• Enter email address to receive a soft copy of the certificate.

• If the certificate is issued for yourself, leave the default option “My QID” auto-selected.

• In case the certificate is issued for one of your expatriates, select the “QID of Expatriate/Relative” option and enter the 11-digit QID number in the text box provided.

• Enter visa number in the “Visa Number” text box, in case the type of certificate requested requires visa number.

• Click on “Next” and pay appropriate fees.

Additional Information

• To pay fees, in case of persons, the system displays a bank screen for payment, yet, in case of companies, the system displays the payment options, namely credit card or bank transfer.

• The requested certificate can be received via email after the payment process is completed.

• The user shall own a smart card to use the service.

• This service can be obtained at any time and once the user completes the transaction.

• This service is also available on Metrash2 mobile app.

Fees: A fee of QR10 applies for each certificate.

You can also apply for a Good Conduct (Police Clearance) Certificate through Metrash2 and MoI website.

Login to Metrash2, select General Services – Police Clearance Certificate – Request Certificate and follow the steps as shown in the picture. 

By Qatar Day - October 30, 2021

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