Qatar Partakes in OIC Conference of Information Ministers in Istanbul

Qatar Partakes in OIC Conference of Information Ministers in Istanbul By Josephine Justin - October 23, 2022
Qatar Partakes in OIC Conference of Information Ministers in Istanbul

Qatar Partakes in OIC Conference of Information Ministers in Istanbul

The State of Qatar participated in the 12th Conference of Information Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which takes place in Istanbul, Turkey.
HE CEO of Qatar Media Corporation Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Thani Al-Thani chaired the state's delegation to the conference.
In the opening session of the conference, His Excellency said that the issue of misinformation emerges as a challenge facing the world, although rumors and false news are not born in this era, but the ways of their spread have changed with the revolution of the Internet and social media, which imposed a new and complex reality that requires dealing with it scientifically so that the problems can be addressed.
HE Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Thani Al-Thani added that belief in freedom of expression as a solid basis for open dialogue and critical thinking does not mean that some take advantage of this noble human value to disdain the beliefs and sanctities of others and spread hate speech and misinformation, pointing out that these practices, apart from being undermining many rights adopted by international human rights charters, it also fuels feelings of hatred and violence and threatens the peaceful existence and coexistence of individuals and societies.
CEO of Qatar Media Corporation stressed the importance of concerted international efforts to increase information awareness and combat media disinformation and racial prejudice, for a world of credibility, tolerance, stability, and prosperity.
OIC Secretary-General Hissein Brahim Taha said that the current session of the conference, which is entitled "Combating Disinformation and Islamophobia in the Post-Truth Era," will discuss the challenges facing the media sector and its infrastructure in the OIC member states, and will review the media discourse directed at to the other through traditional media and via modern media channels and social networks, which allowed media communication for everyone.
The Secretary-General indicated that the current session discusses the challenges facing the information sector and its infrastructure in the OIC Member States and addresses the media discourse through both traditional and via Social Media networks which, he noted, have made it possible for everyone to send and receive news and media content. The session addresses other themes and issues, most notably the role of media in supporting the Cause of Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif, the Special Media Programme Highlighting Africa's Position and Role in the Islamic World, and the project to launch the OIC Award for Distinguished Media Outlets and Media Professionals in the Field of Promoting Dialogue, Tolerance and Intercultural Harmony.
The Secretary-General pointed to the continued upsurge of the phenomenon of terrorism and extremist discourse, which have found their way into some of the OIC societies and managed to lure segments of the young population, under the cover of pseudo-Islamic slogans that have nothing to do with the Islamic religion.
Director of Communications at the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Fahrettin Altun said that one of the global threats at present is undoubtedly the phenomenon of "Islamophobia," calling on the world to consider "Islamophobia" and "anti-Islam" as hate crimes and against humanity and to combat them effectively.
The conference, which witnessed the participation of 57 OIC Member States, discussed many important topics, including investment in health and well-being, climate change and planet health, pandemic preparedness and response, digital transformation for health, food and health systems, the capacity of health systems for resilience and equity, and global health for peace.


By Josephine Justin - October 23, 2022

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