Public praises Katara for being a family-friendly destination

Public praises Katara for being a family-friendly destination By Fathimath Nasli - January 21, 2024
Public praises Katara for being a family friendly destination

Katara Cultural Village

As part of the Asian Cup Qatar 2023 festivities, the Katara Oud Centre hosted a musical evening titled "Oud Night" featuring artist Riyad Abu Allam on Friday in Building 6. The audience enjoyed his captivating musical arrangements and performances.

Additionally, the center organized an Iranian musical evening on Thursday, featuring the Farhang Band, who showcased a remarkable concert inspired by Iranian musical heritage, blending authenticity and modernity.

Another cultural event was a Malaysian show, presented in collaboration with the Malaysian Embassy in Qatar, highlighting the richness and diversity of Malaysia's heritage. The Katara Fine Art Competition, focusing on "Customs and Traditions of the Peoples of Asia," and the Photography Competition attracted over 60 participants from different nationalities and age groups.

In parallel, Japanese film "Ninja Warrior" and Malaysian film "Ola Bola" were screened on January 20 as part of the Asian Cup activities. The Al Thurraya Planetarium continued to offer daily screenings about space and planets at Building 41, while the Al Gannas Association tent provided insights into Qatari falconry heritage.

The Cut Art Market and Crafts Market remained popular, offering unique antiques and souvenirs. Various stalls with traditional food, handicrafts, painting, sewing, and crochet were distributed around the open-air theatre and inside Katara's corridors.

Public feedback on Katara's Asian Cup activities has been positive, with visitors praising the diverse cultural and artistic offerings. Katara Cultural Village has become a preferred destination for families due to its array of activities, cultural richness, and the availability of various products. Visitors have particularly enjoyed the distinctive artistic performances and engaging activities for children.

The presence of the championship cup has also drawn attention, prompting visitors to capture souvenir photos with it. Overall, visitors from different countries have found Katara to be a beautiful and engaging place, highlighting its status as a unique tourist destination.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 21, 2024

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