Almost 40 new factories register from Jan-Sep

Almost 40 new factories register from Jan-Sep By A Robin - December 13, 2023


Qatar's manufacturing sector has experienced substantial growth, with the registration of 40 new factories from January to September of this year. Official data from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, released on its X platform, indicates that the total registered operating factories now stand at 957. The number of local products has reached 1,639, and permits issued for industrial projects total 487. The total investments in factories have reached QR1.39 billion in 2023.

This surge in manufacturing is a pivotal aspect of Qatar's economic diversification, aligning with the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030. The vision aims to cultivate an economy that is less reliant on hydrocarbons. Leveraging its high-caliber talent pool, extensive market access, connectivity, and advanced free zones, Qatar is emerging as a global manufacturing destination.

Key industries contributing to this growth in Qatar include construction materials and chemicals, rubber and plastic products, electrical equipment, beverages, textiles and garments, wood products, furniture, and paper products.

The 'Made in Qatar' exhibition, in its ninth edition and organized by Qatar Chamber in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, showcased the commitment of local companies. A total of 450 companies and factories participated in the exhibition, underlining their eagerness to promote products locally, contributing to the goal of achieving self-sufficiency and reducing dependence on imports.

Local products are characterized by their high quality, competitive prices, and diverse range. Supporting these products not only fosters economic sovereignty by reducing import dependence but also stimulates the local economy, creates job opportunities, and contributes to environmental protection by curbing carbon emissions associated with lengthy shipping processes.

The local product campaign aims to support and market these products domestically, facilitate investor outreach to consumers, and open avenues for merchants and investors to introduce new products and expand production.

By A Robin - December 13, 2023

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