Where to Eat Healthy in Dubai?

Where to Eat Healthy in Dubai? By Chabra - October 18, 2022
Where to Eat Healthy in Dubai?

Where to Eat Healthy in Dubai?

Is Dubai ruining your diet? Yes and no! Dubai has millions of food outlets, all serving different cuisines. At every nook and corner, you can find something delicious to eat. With so many distractions, staying focused on your diet regimen becomes challenging. On top of it, the long office hours, mostly spent at a desk, combined with Dubai's hot and dry climate, become a roadblock in your health journey. The barriers to exercise have led to a rise in Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. 

However, you can't blame the city for ruining your diet. The Emirates has plenty of healthy food options and several exercising avenues for health enthusiasts to explore. There is a wide range of restaurants that are redefining healthy food. However, you can't eat out every day, so many healthy food delivery services are taking care of people's requirement for healthy meal plan in Dubai. 
Besides healthy food, Dubai also provides ways to burn calories, such as gyms, sports centers, indoor activities, cycling parks/tracks, etc. Additionally, there are multiple exciting ways to stay fit such as horse riding, trampoline parks, wakeboarding, dance classes, etc., that add to hundreds of attractions in Dubai.

However, no amount of exercise can suffice unless supported by the right and balanced meal plan. Food is unarguably the fuel that runs your body and helps to heal. So, let's dig in and learn how you can get healthy meals in Dubai.

1.    Health Restaurant

Meals from restaurants or fast-food chains are typically rich in salt, sugar, carbohydrates, or fat and are not advised to eat daily. In Dubai, there is a growing trend toward healthy food, which means that more restaurants are now able to accommodate customers looking to try new ingredients with creative healthy twists on classic dishes.
 The health food restaurants in Dubai are coming up with innovative ways to serve nutritious and low calories meals. 

Do not live under the impression that healthy food is only served at fancy restaurants and it’s way too expensive for everybody to afford. There are several cafes and small eateries which serve health cautious, balanced meals at very affordable prices. Thanks to Dubai Health Authority's strict rules, most of these eateries serve only what they mention on their menu.

2.    Meal Delivery Services

The next budget-friendly and easier way to get healthy meals 3 times a day are meal delivery services. These services are not new to Dubai residents, but it has certainly gained momentum in the pre-pandemic era. When life came to a still during the pandemic, people started focusing on health. Additionally, the inability to go out to eat gave rise to the subscriber base of healthy food delivery companies.

Dubai's healthy food deliveries are proving their worth even after the pandemic and growing at a fast pace. A few of their top benefits are mentioned below. 
Benefits of Meal Delivery Services

a)¬†¬† ¬†Save Times: Are you someone who thinks there is just isn‚Äôt enough time in a day? When you are busy, it may be extremely tiresome to come home and cook a meal. By the time you reach home, it's already time for dinner. Preparing your own meal seems like a never-ending cycle of shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Healthy meal delivery offers a solution to these problems. You can get all three meals at your doorstep or office‚ÄĒready to eat.

b)    Potentially Save Money: Though at upfront, the cost of meal delivery may seem high when you compare it to your monthly grocery bills plus the convenience, it may appear well in your budget range. Suppose you want to get creative with cooking and try a new salad; the quick grocery run can deplete your wallet, and the leftover ingredients lie unused in the pantry. 

c)    Portion Control: It is essential to have a portion-controlled meal, especially when you are on a diet. The meal boxes are customized according to a person's diet and contain precisely what is required. It prevents you from overeating and staying within your assigned calorie limit.

d)    Get Your Food from Experts: The meal deliveries are typically designed by nutrition experts and prepared by a chef trained in making healthy food. If you are not an expert cook, you may not know how much time a particular grain has to be soaked to extract the benefit to the max. Moreover, every vegetable and fruit must be cooked in a certain way to be well-absorbed by the body. The trained professional chefs can prepare meals that are both tasty and nutritious.

3.    Home Cooked Food

There is nothing like home-cooked food. If you love to cook and have time for it, it's the best way to get your meals. However, you need to plan your weekly meals to accommodate the optimum level of nutrition and various ingredients.

a.    Create a Meal Plan: Having a basic idea of your meals and snacks for the week makes shopping, preparing, and eating healthy easier. You don't need to plan out every last morsel of food, but having a general idea can help. Make a rough weekly meal plan on your day off to prepare you for your hectic schedule. According to research, even healthier eating and a more diversified diet are benefits of meal planning.

b.    Make Time for Meal Prep: Make time each week for meal preparation to get ahead of the meal planning game. You can either create grab-and-go meals like burritos to keep in the freezer and snack on throughout the week or keep prepared components handy in the fridge for quick meal assembly later in the week.

c.    Keep Healthy Snacks Where You Need: Everyone has experienced the feeling of being stuck at work or not having a snack while on the go. Keep a supply of healthy snacks (nuts or granola bars) close to avoid a trip to the vending machine and prevent yourself from choosing something less healthy.

Bottom Line

Whether you are just moving to Dubai or staying there for past many years, finding something healthy to eat should not be challenging. Dubai is a mega city that serves food from all over the world, and you can be spoilt for choices. Thus, it is necessary you don't get distracted and choose your meal options wisely.

By Chabra - October 18, 2022

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