UAE tightens Covid rules as hospitalizations and cases rise

UAE tightens Covid rules as hospitalizations and cases rise By A Robin - June 14, 2022
United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is tightening covid regulations, including stricter enforcement of an indoor mask mandate, amid an increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations. 

Infections in the UAE have more than doubled in a week, and the country reported 1,319 infections on Monday. 

Hospital admissions have increased, the National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority said, without giving further details. 

Still, the number of fatalities has stayed low, and the government hasn’t reported any deaths in at least a week. 

Under the new rules, a "green pass” system on the government’s health app will be valid for 14 days, starting Wednesday. The app, which uses a color-coded system to indicate vaccination and PCR test status, is currently valid for 30 days. 

The change may require residents to get tested more frequently. A green pass is needed to access government buildings across the country and indoor spaces in the capital, Abu Dhabi. 

The government also urged residents to follow an indoor mask mandate. The rule will be more strictly enforced, authorities said, and any breaches will carry a fine of up to 3,000 dirhams ($816.77). 

The changes come just as other countries ease regulations. 

Neighboring Saudi Arabia on Monday lifted mask requirements for most enclosed spaces.

- Bloomberg

By A Robin - June 14, 2022

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