"Stadium is 100% Ready for World Cup and Will Shine in Final Match"- Lusail Stadium Project Manager

"Stadium is 100% Ready for World Cup and Will Shine in Final Match"- Lusail Stadium Project Manager By Akanksha Mudgal - August 16, 2022
Stadium is Fully Ready for World Cup and Will Shine in Final Match Lusail Stadium

Image Source: QNA

Lusail Stadium Project Manager Tamim El Abed revealed that the stadium is 100% ready to host FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 finals after obtaining all the approvals confirming the completion of its facilities for the global event.

In his statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), El Abed added that the Lusail Stadium is 100% ready as it obtained the approvals of the Civil Defense Department in December and the Security Systems Department at the Ministry of Interior in July, and obtained a building completion certificate, pointing out that the stadium marked 60 million working hours working.

He pointed out that the logistical work in the stadium vicinity, whether in terms of fans services, first aid services, and tickets is still a work in progress and will be done two months before the tournament as it is subject to modification and change from one match to another.

Lusail Stadium Project Manager indicated that the stadium has many advantages that make it unique, whether among the other tournament's stadiums or international stadiums that hosted World Cup matches before.

He added that every stadium has its advantages and went through many unique experiences and challenges, and Lusail Stadium as well. But, we are all well aware that Lusail Stadium will host the final match and that the final of the World Cup is unlike any other match, where all eyes of the world will be focused on Lusail on that day. What distinguishes the stadium from other stadiums that hosted World Cup matches is that its entire construction was carried out from the scratch by FIFA standards. It is very rare for a stadium built from scratch to host World Cup matches, as we witnessed in the previous versions of World Cup hosting stadiums that were more than 100 years old.

On the stadium's ongoing preparations to host the super cup match on September 9 between champions of the Egyptian and Saudi leagues, he said that it is undoubtedly important for the stadium to host this kind of match which witnessed a large crowd and the expectations of this match are around 80 thousand.

Last week, the stadium hosted QNB Stars League derby match between Al Arabi SC and Al-Rayyan SC and was successful by all standards. Currently, we are working on testing the building and verifying all systems, especially since the stadium is equipped with complex cooling and television broadcasting systems that require several experiments and continuous maintenance.

Lusail Stadium Project Manager elaborated that the stadium's preparations for the World Cup finals have been taken into account. He explained that the preparations for any final match start from public streets and the most important element is public transport which includes several means like private cars, taxis, and bus network, pointing out that there is a cooperation between Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, ministries and institutions in the country in this regard. In addition to working on providing mega parking spaces in places close to the stadium, the ease of movement and the roads leading to it, and the mechanism for crowds to flow to it via the metro through the Lusail station, which is only 600 meters from the stadium's security gates, as well as continuous inspection process conducted on Grass and cooling process and lighting. 

In his statement to QNA, Lusail Stadium Project Manager Tamim El Abed pointed out that there are many lessons learnt in the experiences of the seven stadiums built to host the World Cup, given that they were completed before the completion of the construction of Lusail Stadium, both in terms of crowd management and operation of technical services, cooling and lighting, and requirements for television broadcasting, local media and international news agencies as well as the security lessons. The tournaments organized by Qatar recently constituted an important experience for all the supervising authorities to benefit from them in the operations and organization, as well as for the volunteers and those responsible for the entrances in how to deal with the crowds.

The design of Lusail Stadium interprets the past of the State of Qatar and its future vision, as it mixes ancient and modern Islamic architecture, along with unique wavy inscriptions. Once entering the stadium, visitors will be received by an impressive spectacle of 80,000 football fans, drawing a palette of vibrant colours.

The project manager stressed that the stadium has taken into account from the first moment of the construction process the aspects of the legacy and sustainability that will remain after the tournament.

He said that countries that host major world championships always suffer from a problem with how to use sports facilities, and among the plans included in Lusail Stadium is the re-engineering of some of the interior spaces in the stadium to be used in some activities that serve the community. The stadium includes, in addition to the floor and the stands, interior spaces, rooms, systems and infrastructure, and there are some studies carried out to use the different spaces in order to achieve a financial return.

In concluding his statement to QNA, El Abed pointed out that some plans have been developed and are being studied from all aspects, to achieve sustainability and legacy, but everyone should know that Qatar will host various sporting events in the future, especially after receiving the honour of organizing the 2030 Asian Games, which will suggest that the stadium remains as a sports facility.

The design of this magnificent stadium is inspired by the interplay of light and shadow that characterizes the Fanar lantern. Its shape and facade echo the intricate decorative motifs on bowls, vessels and other art pieces found across the Arab and Islamic world during the rise of civilization in the region.

Once the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is over, Lusail Stadium will be transformed into a community space including schools, shops, cafés, sporting facilities and health clinics. This multi-purpose community hub will allow people to find everything they need under one roof the original roof of the football stadium.

Qatar is preparing to welcome football fans in the first edition of the World Cup to be held in the Arab world and the Middle East, to give fans from all over the world an opportunity to learn about Qatar, the region, and the authentic Arab culture. This tournament will mark a turning point in the history of Qatar and the region, as it will leave a legacy that will set new standards in organizing mega sports events in the future.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 kicks off on November 20 with the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium. The tournament will witness 64 matches over 29 days, and the competitions will come to an end on December 18 at the 80,000-seat Lusail Stadium.

Source: QNA

By Akanksha Mudgal - August 16, 2022

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