Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition begins

Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition begins By Fathimath Nasli - February 26, 2024
Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition begins

Second edition of the Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition

The second edition of the Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition commenced yesterday, strategically aligning with the upcoming Ramadan season. The event is scheduled to take place from February 25 to March 5.

Traditionally associated with Ramadan, dates are commonly consumed to break the fast during this holy month. The exhibition, which had been on hiatus since 2019, has returned, showcasing a diverse selection of dates from both local and international producers. The festival, held at Al Ahmad Square in the traditional market, offers free admission and welcomes visitors daily from 9 am to 12 pm and 3:30 pm to 10 pm.

The exhibition features exhibitors specializing in date production, supply, and sales, presenting a variety of date types, including Halawy, Mazafati, Medjool, and others. Unique combinations such as Milk Chocolate Date Almonds and Dates with Coconut are also on display.

According to Qatar Tourism, dates hold a dual significance in Qatar as both a modest fruit and a cultural treasure. Recognized as the national fruit, dates play a crucial role in local hospitality. The conducive climate in Qatar supports thriving date cultivation, with production exceeding 30,000 tonnes in 2022.

Qatar Tourism notes that dates are enjoyed in various forms—fresh, dried, and processed—as a local delicacy. They are often served with coffee, symbolizing hospitality in daily life in Doha.

Beyond Qatar, dates carry cultural and religious importance, particularly in the Middle East. In Islamic tradition, dates are valued for their nourishing properties, making them a common choice during Ramadan for their energy-boosting benefits. The versatility and nutritional value of dates make them a staple in warm, arid climates. Qatar Tourism also highlights that dates have been harvested for at least 6,000 years, with records of date palms stretching back to ancient times.

Simultaneously, the Tadweer Art Exhibition, taking place at Souq Waqif's Western Square, will continue until February 29. This exhibition, showcasing artworks crafted from recycled materials, features the works of 30 artists from over 17 countries. It emphasizes sustainable practices and environmental consciousness, presenting around 280 innovative creations at the intersection of art and sustainability.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - February 26, 2024

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