Qatari Customs & Tradition During the Month of Ramadan

Qatari Customs & Tradition During the Month of Ramadan By Qatar Day - May 05, 2019
Ramadan Lights

Ramadan Lights

The act of fasting in Ramadan is the equivalent for Muslims everywhere throughout the world, yet certain traditions and customs vary from nation to nation, each culture has its own specific manner of welcome loved ones to check the beginning of the heavenly month. In Qatar, we state: 'Mubarak alekoum el shahar'. 

The long stretch of Ramadan in Qatar has an uncommon taste, Qataris are quick to restore conventions and traditions acquired from inaccessible occasions, however traditions and customs of nourishment and drink remain the most noticeable of the different ceremonies rehearsed in this blessed month. 

Al Nafla 

Ramadan conventions and traditions start from the period of Sha'ban in the State of Qatar, in anticipation of the heavenly month of Ramadan, where the festival on the fourteenth day of Sha'ban (Hijri date-book) Al Nafla is commended. Al Nafla depends on the demonstration of giving and sharing, families accumulate to plan conventional nourishment; moms mastermind tasty inviting platters while youngsters watch on. The nourishment is dispersed among their neighbors' and to poor people. While cooking for Naflah, nourishment and fixing staples are additionally arranged for the period of Ramadan, and individuals are helped to remember the prizes and gifts related with the coming month. 

The Qatari Ramadan Table 

Dates and yogurt 

When the otherworldly feel in Qatar is practically indistinguishable to the remainder of the Gulf area, Qatari dishes during the time of Ramadan vary to the remainder of the Muslim world with tables including different dishes returning decades, where progressive Qatari ages have kept on safeguarding the vast majority of them until the present day. In spite of recharged and novel Ramadan platters seen amid the heavenly month, Qataris are constantly excited about Ramadan traditions and customs, continually breaking fasting with dates and yogurt. 

Al Harees 

"Harees" is a standout amongst the most significant dishes and a principle dish once in a while left out, offered in the long stretch of Ramadan, considered one of the outstanding Ramadan dishes amid this month, shaping a noteworthy and basic dish all through, made of pounded wheat with meat, margarine and pulverized cinnamon. 

Al Thareed 

Iftar platters are never surrendered of the "Thareed" dish, made with bread or tortillas cut in little pieces, absorbed a meat juices which contains generally vegetables, for example, potatoes, pumpkins and eggplant. 

The base of the Thareed is Al Tannour bread, however at present tortilla bread is ordinarily utilized, which is a meager bread arranged by Al Tawwa, a thick sheet of iron, which is practically round, where lady spread a slender layer of mixture over it in the wake of being all around warmed, while once in a while cleaning the Tawah with a light layer of fat in advance, so the batter does not stick and the interest for the bread increments amid the period of Ramadan. 

Al Luqaima 

Luqaimat is a sweet served in the period of Ramadan, made of milk, cardamom, margarine, saffron and blended mixture, cut into pieces and cooked in bubbling fat until the batter winds up sautéed, where the sweet is then put in a sugary syrup or molasses. 

Ramadan Gathering (Ghabqa) 

It is known in the State of Qatar that the long stretch of Ramadan is the period of "Ghabaqat" and that the Ghabqa is the name of a midnight feast, which directly contrasts contrasted with the past, various in its temperament, the nourishment served and shifts in all viewpoints separated from the name. 

The reason for the Ghabqa is the get-togethers, as the more youthful age, the men and the ladies all have their very own gatherings, the meal named as Al Ghabqa does not include outsiders or those far off, however is for the general population of the area and the catchment zone, where they accumulate and structure understandings, not represented by laws and not restricted by convention, facilitated each day or each two days by one of the gathering, uniting their similitudes and love for one another around one dish, recalling basic recollections, where the ladies likewise assemble to examine, keep awake until late and to recap recollections from adolescence, adolescent life and as mindful grown-ups, as they are from a similar zone and have likenesses in all perspectives. 

Al Ghabqa is an arrival to traditions and dishes regular consistently, aside from rice. As the blessed month of Ramadan has its notable dishes, for example, the Thareed, a substitute for rice, and Al Harees. Fish is scarcely served and is supplanted by meats, which is habitually accessible an in substantial amounts, which shapes the explanation behind Ghabqa. 

Al Ghabqa recently comprised of caramel bread, which is bread cooked with sugar or molasses, which is the quintessence of dates or date nectar, notwithstanding flame broiled, singed or cooked fish. A few people likewise lean toward conventional dishes in Al Ghabqa, not served amid Iftar and regular consistently, which might be missed amid the sacred month. Desserts including Luqaimat and porridge, including tea and espresso. 

Ramadan Canon 

Generally, the finish of the quick at dusk would be set apart by the terminating of a standard, so that even those far from town would almost certainly hear the flag and realize that the time had come to break the quick. Regardless we carry on this convention ceremoniously today, and it's communicated live on Qatar TV as a sign of the day's end quick. 


On the fourteenth day of the heavenly month, guardians and kids begin planning to observe Garangao, which is a standout amongst the most well known Ramadan traditions in the Gulf society by and large and Qatar specifically, to commend the fruition of a large portion of a month and furthermore to energize youngsters amid the long stretch of Ramadan to quick. In this event youngsters purchase desserts, and moms sew sacks of material, that kids will utilize it to gather desserts or cash, that will be appropriated by guardians. The youngsters will balance the sack on their neck, the housewife in the wake of requesting that the kids rehash the tune, particularly the part that they acclaim her child, scoops with her hands or by a plate or "Juffair" brimming with nuts and desserts, and open the pack for each offspring of them and put its offer. In the mean time, the youngsters scramble to achieve the woman appropriating, and contend to gather biggest measure of treats. 

The festival proceeds until late during the evening, and the families accumulate in the houses trusting that the gatherings of kids will happen upon them, in a steady progression. At the point when the general population of the house hear the sound of the kids singing from far off, they are prepared to get them by putting the juffair at the entryway of the house or in the yard. The general population of the house get frustrated if the kids' gatherings disregard their home and don't visit it and take a lot of Al Garqa'an. This may occur if the house is far from the remainder of the houses or what they offer to kids from Al Garqa'an does not fulfill their preferences. 

Ramadan Scouts (Mosahrati)

It is an old propensity still rehearsed in a portion of the old neighborhoods of Qatar, where the magician thumps a drum or drum and sings the Islamic tunes of Ramadan and wanders around the houses as he grabs and moves for individuals to wake them up for suhoor, which is viewed as a gift. 

Charity in Ramadan

In Qatar, amid the sacred month of Ramadan, natives and inhabitants both rush to offer philanthropy to poor people and penniless individuals to draw nearer to Allah the Almighty. Therefore, around 250,000 penniless individuals assemble around what Arabs call "the tables of Ar-Rahmaan", which the rich get ready for the poor all through the nation. Also, when the season of Iftaar approaches, an assortment of bites are dispersed among the fasting individuals who are unfit to achieve their homes so as to break their quick.

By Qatar Day - May 05, 2019

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