Qatar Museums to Organize Three Arts Exhibitions Next Week

Qatar Museums to Organize Three Arts Exhibitions Next Week By A Robin - October 18, 2022
Qatar Museums

Qatar Museums

Qatar Museums will organize, next week, three art exhibitions: 'Baghdad: Eye's Delight' at the Museum of Islamic Art, on Oct. 26, "Nomadic Life from a New Perspective" at the National Museum of Qatar, on the 27th of it. and Lusail Museum (Stories of a World that Brings Us Together) at Qatar Museums Gallery - Al Riwaq, on the 24th of the same month.

The exhibition 'Baghdad - Eye's Delight' is held within the framework of the Qatar-Middle East, North Africa and South Asia 2022 Cultural Year, and explores the importance of the city of Baghdad under the Abbasid Caliphate (750 - 1258), and celebrates its great impact on the region and the world, up to this day.

The exhibition highlights Baghdad as a political, economic and intellectual center that flourished during one of the most innovative periods in world history. Its history, and highlights its continued steadfastness, based on what it stores from the memories of its Abbasid heritage.

The exhibition also recalls the city's past, focusing on the role it played in the twentieth century, and in particular the period between the forties and seventies of the last century, which witnessed the restoration of Baghdad to its image as a prosperous and vibrant place of city life.

The Nomadic Lives in a New Perspective explores the lives of nomadic and semi-nomadic pastoralists in three regions: Central Sahara, Qatar and Mongolia, and how these groups created and maintained rich and meaningful social lives and shaped cultural patterns in challenging environments.

The Lusail Museum exhibition, Tales of a World that Unites Us, explores cultural interactions between the greater Middle East and North Africa and its peripheries, Europe, Central and East Africa, Central, South and East Asia, and the role of the arts from pre-Islamic to the twenty-first century.

The exhibition paves the way for a new museum currently under development in Lusail that will house the Qatar Oriental Museums Group, one of the most important collections, in addition to artifacts and art media dating back to prehistoric times, up to the twenty-first century.


By A Robin - October 18, 2022

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