Qatar Is Dedicatedly Striving To Forge A Long-Lasting And Sustainable Truce

Qatar Is Dedicatedly Striving To Forge A Long-Lasting And Sustainable Truce By Jiny - November 29, 2023
Qatar Is Dedicatedly Striving To Forge A Long-Lasting And Sustainable Truce

Dr. Majid bin Mohammed Al Ansari stressed Qatar's aim for a lasting ceasefire to stop hostilities

Dr. Majid bin Mohammed Al Ansari, the Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), emphasized that Qatar is directing its efforts towards establishing a lasting ceasefire that will eventually result in the cessation of hostilities.

During a recent media briefing, Al Ansari outlined the specifics of extending the humanitarian pause in Gaza by an additional two days.

He expressed, "Our immediate priority in the next 48 hours is to work towards securing a sustainable ceasefire, paving the way for substantive discussions aiming to conclude this conflict."

He called upon the international community to contribute to this effort. "Our aim is to extend the ceasefire as long as Hamas can ensure the release of 10 hostages daily."

Al Ansari mentioned that Qatar has been consistently involved since the crisis began, working to bolster its mediation role in securing a truce and ultimately a lasting ceasefire.

When asked about aid for Gaza, including the provision of field hospitals, Al Ansari stated, "The directive from our leadership is to supply all necessary support. This aligns with Qatar's consistent stance during this crisis, akin to our support during previous Palestinian crises."

He emphasized, "Our focus is on achieving this ceasefire successfully, ensuring tranquility in Gaza, and facilitating aid access, which should intensify international pressure for a lasting ceasefire or, at least, an extended truce to initiate broader negotiations for the remaining hostages." He mentioned that a total of 27 aircraft have participated in the airlift to Al Arish city, delivering aid to the Gaza Strip, with the overall Qatari assistance reaching 910 tonnes.

Highlighting Minister of State for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs H E Lolwah bint Rashid Al Khater's visit to Gaza, he noted it as the first by a senior Arab official since the crisis began. The visit aimed not only to support the Palestinian people but also to oversee the aid delivery process into Gaza. Responding to a query about breaches of the agreement, he clarified that while there were minor breaches, they didn't undermine the core of the agreement.

Qatar is persistently working within its mediation framework to secure an extension of the humanitarian pause in the Gaza Strip between Hamas and Israel within the upcoming 48 hours.

In reference to delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, Dr. Majed bin Mohammed Al Ansari stressed its essential inclusion in the pause agreement. He underscored the crucial requirement to uphold aid shipments given the extensive destruction, losses, and significant damage prevalent in the area.

Regarding Israeli military captives, the spokesperson affirmed that the agreement gives priority to children, women, and then civilians. They noted that the matter concerning military detainees will be addressed in subsequent discussions.

By Jiny - November 29, 2023

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