Qatar Introduces Online Services To Change From Family To Work Residency.

 Qatar Introduces Online Services To Change From Family To Work Residency. By Jiny - October 26, 2023
Qatar introduces online services to change from family to work residency.

Qatar now offers an online option to shift from family to work residency.

The Ministry of Labour (MoL) has rolled out a brand-new digital service named "Request to Join the Labour Market (Transition from Family Residency to Work Residency)."
This service aims to simplify the process for local businesses in Qatar to hire residents, ultimately saving time and costs associated with overseas recruitment. By providing employment opportunities, it enables residents to become active contributors to the local job market, empowering them economically.

The Ministry of Labour (MoL) introduced a new service during a seminar on "Ministry of Labour Services for Entrepreneurs," held in collaboration with the Qatar Development Bank (QDB). Speaking with The Peninsula at the event, Salem Darwish Al Muhannadi, Head of the Work Permits Section at the Employment Department of MoL, explained that the seminar's purpose is to inform entrepreneurs about the new services offered by the ministry.

Entrepreneurs participating in the seminar received detailed information about MoL services, with a particular focus on two services: "Request to Amend Occupations on Work Permits" and "Attestation of Work Contracts."

MoL has introduced approximately 25 fully digital services for entrepreneurs, aligning with the ongoing digital transformation in the labor sector. The initiative's ultimate goal is to streamline service delivery, enhance the customer experience, and create a more efficient support system for all stakeholders.
Representatives from various MoL departments attended the seminar to present and discuss the recently launched services, which are part of the Ministry's comprehensive digital transformation plan. These representatives covered departments such as Work Permits, Labour Relations, Inspection, Labour Disputes, and the National Workforce in the Private Sector.

During the seminar, the e-services "Request to Amend Occupations on Work-Permits" and "Attestation of Work Contracts inside the State of Qatar" were highlighted, along with a general overview of services previously launched by the Work Permit Department. Following the seminar, officials from different ministry departments addressed inquiries from business owners and entrepreneurs regarding the new services offered across various sectors of the Ministry.


By Jiny - October 26, 2023

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