Qatar announces new traffic rules, bans travel without clearing traffic fines

Qatar announces new traffic rules, bans travel without clearing traffic fines By A Robin - May 23, 2024
Qatar Traffic rules

Qatar Traffic rules

Qatar's Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with traffic authorities, has issued guidelines for obtaining vehicle exit permits and settling traffic fines before departure.

As per the Qatar News Agency, starting from May 22, 2024, obtaining a permit from the General Directorate of Traffic is mandatory for motor vehicles leaving the country, subject to specific conditions.

  • The vehicle must be free from any outstanding traffic violations.
  • The final destination for the motor vehicle must be specified.
  • The applicant for the permit must be the owner of the vehicle or present valid proof thereof.

The ministry also outlined exemptions to the vehicle exit permit requirement, including vehicles bound for GCC countries. This exemption applies if the vehicle has no traffic violations and the driver is either the owner or has the owner's consent. Additionally, goods transporting vehicles are exempt from this requirement.

Exceptions for vehicle exit permits

Starting September 1, 2024, individuals with outstanding traffic violations will be unable to leave the country without settling their fines and dues. Payment options include the Metrash2 application, Ministry of Interior website, traffic sections, or unified service centers.

Settlement of traffic fines

The Ministry announced a 50% discount on traffic fines for all motor vehicles. The discount applies to violations issued within the last three years and is valid from June 1 to August 31, 2024.

Discount on traffic violations

Vehicles with Qatari plates outside the country must return within 90 days from the announcement date, unless a permit for prolonged absence is obtained. Failure to comply may result in legal actions, including administrative impoundment of the vehicle for up to 90 days.

Rules for vehicles returning to Qatar

Motor vehicles outside the country cannot renew their registration without undergoing technical inspection within Qatar. Failure to renew registration within the legal period (30 days from expiration) requires the return of license plates to the General Directorate of Traffic, with penalties outlined in the Traffic Law for non-compliance.

Renewal of vehicle registration

Starting May 22, 2024, buses with more than 25 passengers, taxis, and limousines are prohibited from using the left lane on road networks with three or more lanes in each direction.

Lane usage regulations

Delivery motorcycle riders must use the right lane on all roads, with lane changes permitted at least 300 meters before intersections. Non-compliance may lead to legal action as per Article 95 of the Traffic Law.

In addition, the ministry provided a detailed explanation of how to obtain vehicle exit permits, the consequences of violating the new regulations, methods for paying fines, and other relevant information.

By A Robin - May 23, 2024

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