Pimples Under Tongue-Shocking Things You Need to Know

Pimples Under Tongue-Shocking Things You Need to Know By A Robin Rajkumar - July 04, 2021
Pimples Under Tongue Shocking Things You Need to Know

Pimples Under Tongue

Pimples under your tongue are caused by a lot of reasons and conditions. It is one of the most common problems experienced by people from all ages.

Although, it may not be as harmful and serious as other diseases but it can certainly ruin your day since it can hurt a lot. They come in various sizes and shapes, color and level of painfulness.

This article will tackle everything that you need to know about these pimples and the ways to prevent them in the future. Read on and share this useful guide to your friends and family.

Causes of Tongue Pimples

Oral Cancer

One of the symptoms of oral cancer is the presence of pimples underneath your tongue which also comes with great pain.

So, take note of other symptoms such as the thickening of the oral soft tissues, uneasy feeling like something is blocking your throat, ear pain, numbness of the tongue and the difficulty of chewing or swallowing.

Clogged Tongue Skin

Dead skin, food and dirt can clog the surface part of your tongue which attracts bacteria and infection to add up and eventually cause tongue pimples.

This is the reason why it is very important that you keep a hygienic lifestyle by regularly brushing your teeth and tongue and using mouthwash to clean it fully.

Injury and Trauma

We usually do a lot of things that affect the health and condition of our tongue such as tongue biting, burning your tongue by hot soups and other food, piercing and putting sharp materials inside your mouth.

These actions may look simple and safe but they can actually bruise or irritate your tongue and will trigger bacteria and other harmful elements to infect your tongue and result to sore and painful pimples.

Editor's Choice:

Canker Sores

This is a type of mouth ulcers and is caused by a lot of factors such as too spicy and too acidic food, hormones, stress and mouth injuries.

Vitamin Deficiency

Deficiency in vitamins especially Vitamin B can be a possible reason for the buildup of pimples underneath your tongue.

With this, you can always choose to eat healthily and make sure that you are getting the nutrients that your body truly needs. Food that is rich in Vitamin B includes red meat, salmon and milk.

Cold Sores

Visible red pimples with clear liquid are what cold sores once described. This type of red pimples are caused by a virus commonly known as Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1). This virus can be caught by exchanging saliva from person to person through kissing, sharing kitchen utensils and even skin contact.

Types of  Pimples Under  Tongue

Aside from the pimples under the tongue, which is the primary topic of this article, there are still a number of types of tongue pimples which we should be aware of. They are as follows:

1. Yellow Pimple 

A yellowish or whitish pimples with a red color on its surroundings is a symptom of STD which most often than not causes blisters. This pimple can also be present in one’s mouth or lips. Aside from being a symptom of STD, it could also be from cold sores or oral herpes.

2. White Pimples

This can be present anywhere on the tongue, surface, underneath, side and tip of the tongue. These white pimples comein large sizes andare often clustered or scattered.Thisis often caused by tongue injuries and trauma, leukoplakia or canker sores.

3. Red Pimples

Red pimples can also grow anywhere in your tongue such as in the tip, side, top and under of it. Red pimples are caused by a number of factors but they often appear due to cold sores. This type of pimple can be very painful and shows a swollen appearance.

This is the type of pimple that breaks open and produces a clear fluid. It may last a few days and even worsen if left untreated. Inflamed taste buds, scarlet fever, Kawasaki syndrome and canker sores are few of its known causes.

4. Black Pimples

There are a lot of factors that causes black pimples to appear. These factors include allergic reactions to something you have eaten or applied in your tongue, oral cancer, piercing and tongue trauma and injuries.

5. Tip of the Tongue Pimples

The worse thing about this type of pimple is it is very prone to be moved when eating, talking and among others. Thus, it could be very painful. There may be few instances when it is painless and may come in different color and sizes. It is caused by the common causes of tongue pimples such as canker sores, cold sores, injuries and trauma.

6. Back of the Tongue Pimples

2 Main Reasons of Bumps on Back of Tongue

Back of the tongue pimples are usually caused by injury and trauma, Kawasaki disease, oral thrush, scarlet fever and among other. Blisters, however, are caused by oral herpes.

How to Treat Tongue Pimples

The only way to fully treat a tongue pimple is to determine first what causes it. If it is only caused by a bacterial infection, you can always ask the doctor for an antibiotic prescription for its elimination.

The following are the proven and tested home remedies that could help you treat these tongue pimples at home:

  • Minimize the intake of allergy-prone foods such as spicy, hot and salty foods. You always have to remember that too much of something is bad. This way, you can always prevent these tongue pimples from growing back.
  • Always maintain proper hygiene by brushing your teeth and tongue at least three times a day or every after meal to prevent plaque and bacteria build-up.
  • Gargling salt and water twice a day will help inflammation, pain and swelling reduction.


Tongue pimples, especially pimples under the tongue are caused by a lot reasons and the best way to treat it is keep your mouth, teeth and tongue clean and healthy. Live a healthy life and maintain cleanliness. Do not hesitate to call your doctor whenever the need arises.

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By A Robin Rajkumar - July 04, 2021

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