NHRC Launches Activities Related to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

NHRC Launches Activities Related to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 By A Robin - October 24, 2022
National Human Rights Committee

National Human Rights Committee

The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) launched its first activities related to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 by organizing a training course on human rights at international airports, which will last for a week, in cooperation with the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF).

The training course is attended by the employees of the NHRC's Hamad International Airport office in addition to a delegation from the Oman Human Rights Commission hosted by the NHRC during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, where the NHRC is scheduled to officially launch its office at Hamad International Airport on the first of November, due to the strategic importance of the airport, which is one of the most important international outlets that receive visitors with different cultures from all countries of the world.

The course aims to consolidate the principles of human rights through good governance, as the training includes a rights-based approach to border management, including the legal and political framework, the priority of human rights in border governance procedures, as well as an explanation of the measures to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, relevant laws on human rights, immigration laws and amendments thereto, customs-related laws, and border management in an integrated, safe and coordinated manner.

HE NHRC Secretary-General Sultan bin Hassan Al Jamali said that human rights should be at the heart of all border governance policies and practices at international borders, pointing out that non-discrimination, equality before the law and equal protection of the law without discrimination are fundamental principles of international human rights law.

His Excellency added that the course includes training on respect for human rights in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which are based on three pillars that determine how the state or companies implement the framework, namely the state's duty to protect human rights, corporate responsibility to respect human rights, and access to remedies for victims of business-related violations.

HE NHRC Secretary-General highlighted that the training aims to familiarize with all internationally recognized human rights, including the international legitimacy of human rights, consisting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

HE Al Jamali pointed out that the NHRC office at Hamad International Airport (HIA) will serve as a subcommittee of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) with all its competencies, and a platform for spreading the culture of human rights among arrivals, departures and airport workers.

For his part, Al Mu'ather bin Ahmed Al Siyabi, head of the delegation of the Oman Human Rights Commission, said that the Commission seeks through its participation in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to highlight common values and civilization, Arab and Islamic ethics, and convey the good image of the Arabs in general and the gulf in particular, thanking the NHRC for inviting the Omani delegation to enhance the efforts made to make the championship a success.

Al Siyabi added that the training will raise the capabilities of the participating team of members of the Oman Human Rights Commission, expressing his hope to achieve the greatest benefit from the course, underscoring the presence of the Omani delegation in Doha until the end of the championship, to form one team in cooperation with the NHRC.

For his part, Rami Bathish, a trainer from the DCAF, commented that the training will focus on FIFA's human rights standards and policies, and how to identify risks with those at stadiums and airports, adding that DCAF takes into account during the training that the NHRC will have an office at Hamad International Airport, and it will be part of the training and discussion on how to manage the office in the coming period and how it can contribute to facilitating the access of football fans.

He pointed out that the training will be on the principles of human rights at the borders and at international airports, the foundations and art of communication and dealing with the large numbers that will arrive in Doha during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, in addition to focusing more on understanding the nature of the football audience and other culture.

The opening of the NHRC office at HIA and the organization of training courses come in the framework of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) concluded between the NHRC and HIA, represented by the Qatar Company for Airports Management and Operation, with the aim of cooperation and strengthening the partnership between the two parties, in spreading the culture of human rights, and benefiting from the expertise and capabilities available to them and employing them to promote and protect human rights within the framework of the competencies of each of the parties.

This is the 4th training course organized by the NHRC in cooperation with HIA, as the previous three courses included training for the senior officials of HIA, airport security staff, customs officers and a number of employees of the National Human Rights Committee NHRC).


By A Robin - October 24, 2022

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