NCSA organizes Conference on the Safe use of AI

NCSA organizes Conference on the Safe use of AI By Fathimath Nasli - February 20, 2024
NCSA organizes conference on the safe use of AI

NCSA organized a conference on the safe use of Artificial Intelligence, in the presence of HE Engineer Abdulrahman bin Ali Al Farahid Al Malk and a number of high profile attendees

The National Cyber Security Agency organized on Monday, February 19, 2024, a conference on the safe use of Artificial Intelligence , in the presence of His Excellency Engineer Abdulrahman bin Ali Al Farahid Al Malki, President of the National Cyber Security Agency and a number of high profile attendees. During the conference, the National Cyber Security Agency launched Guidelines for Secure Adoption and Usage of Artificial Intelligence, aimed at mitigating its potential negative impacts.

In this regard, Engineer Dana Al Abdulla, Director of National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs at the National Cyber Security Agency, said, "The world is currently witnessing a significant shift in the utilization of modern and emerging technologies, particularly with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, including generative AI, and its growing integration into our daily lives." She further emphasized, "This transformation has brought forth a set of new challenges, prompting governmental entities to collaborate in proposing effective approaches to address them, while fostering innovation and creativity."

Engineer Al Abdulla explained that the National Cyber Security Agency’s team extensively researched these challenges, and developed comprehensive guidelines which aim to assist organizations in implementing Artificial Intelligence safely and effectively while highlighting risks and threats and providing solutions for everyone.

Engineer Al Abdulla also highlighted the agency's dedication to facilitating dialogue, fostering inclusivity and providing a platform for exchanging experiences and insights on the secure utilization of Artificial Intelligence. Through engaging sessions, participants from relevant entities , research institutes , and industry experts delved into key topics, addressing both challenges and opportunities in this field.

She also emphasized that cybersecurity does not hinder digital transformation, but rather is an opportunity to promote secure digital transformation that prioritizes the safety and security of both organizational and individual digital infrastructures which requires unified efforts at national, regional and international levels.

During the conference, the utilization Of Artificial Intelligence in organizations was discussed, along with highlighting some international expertise in AI and cybersecurity.

Engineer Abdulrahman Al Shafi, Director of National Cyber Strategies Department at the National Cybersecurity Agency, also discussed the key elements included in the guidelines, such as Generative Artificial Intelligence, which is widely used in industry, as well as digital trust, including security, privacy, ethics, people, processes, technology, risks, threats, and challenges.

NCSA hosted three sessions featuring experts from various entities and research institutions. The first session explored the governance of Artificial Intelligence, highlighting its responsible and ethical use. The second session delved into the potential threats and risks associated with AI misuse, which can have significant cyber implications for individuals and organizations. Lastly, the third session discussed the role of AI in addressing cybersecurity challenges, showcasing its ability to provide effective solutions and enhance cybersecurity measures.

Source: NCSA

By Fathimath Nasli - February 20, 2024

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