MOI announces public auction of cars, motorcycles and scraps

MOI announces public auction of cars, motorcycles and scraps By Qatar Day - September 12, 2021

Ministry of Interior announced the sale of cars, motorcycles, machinery and scraps from the Ministry's workshops, through public auction.

The Ministry of Interior announces the sale of cars, motorcycles, machinery, and scraps from the Ministry’s workshops, through public auction starting on September 12, 2021, until September 30, 2021.

The date of the auction will be divided as given:
1. For cars and machinery, the auction will begin on Sunday, September 12, 2021, until all cars, machinery and other materials are sold. 
2. Auction of workshop equipment and scraps and damaged batteries will start on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, for one day only, and the items that have not been paid will be re-sold on the next day. 

Auction conditions:
1. The entering of any person to the auction is considered a full inspection of the vehicles offered for sale and acceptance to their current conditions in addition to his knowledge of all necessary conditions to enter the auction. 
2. Those who wish to join the auction, should obtain (Auction Card), sold at the auction area, against payment of QR 3,000 refundable at the end of each auction day with the possibility to keep this card till the end of the auction and use it for further purchases. 
3. The Auction Card will be withdrawn in case the bidder failed to pay down payment of the vehicle and card will be considered as the sale down payment with necessary settlement (if any). 
4. No person will be dealt with unless he obtains the auction card. 
5. Upon being awarded the auction, an amount equal to 20% of the sale value shall be paid by the bidder as nonrefundable advance payment and to a minimum of QR 5,000. This amount must be paid in full at the next day. It is also possible to pay the whole vehicles price upon awarding the auction. 
6. If the buyer did not pay the whole sale amount within 24 hours after being awarded the auction, the committee will be entitled to re-put the vehicle/s for auction once again and the buyer shall not be able to claim for his down payment (deposit). 
7. The Buyer should clear all purchasing procedures & receive all relevant documents, and should also move the purchased vehicle/s out of the auction area within 24 hours after payment; otherwise the committee shall remove the vehicle/s out of the auction area without any responsibility to the Ministry of Interior. 
8. The buyer is not entitled to change his name, in the down payment receipt, with another name unless full sale payment is made and payment of QR 200 as fees. 
9. The buyer should present his ID card upon winning the auction to complete all procedures. 
10. The committee may exclude the bidders, who did not pay the due amounts prior to the auction, and those who perform actions that confuse the committee in their work. 
11. Reselling at the auction yard is prohibited, and the auction committee is not responsible for any cases of sale at the auction yard. 
12. If the auction does not achieve the desired benefit, the Committee has the right to postpone the sale to another time. 
13. All the guidelines must be followed.

By Qatar Day - September 12, 2021

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