Ministry of Municipality steps up efforts to make Qatar cities ‘ideal’

Ministry of Municipality steps up efforts to make Qatar cities ‘ideal’ By A Robin - January 28, 2024
Qatari cities

Qatari cities

The Ministry of Municipality, in collaboration with relevant authorities, is actively striving to elevate the status of Qatari cities to an 'ideal' state by enhancing their greenery, health, sustainability, and inclusivity, according to a senior official.

Director of the Technical Office of Health Control at the Ministry of Municipality, Tariq Al Tamimi, announced, "All eight municipalities of Qatar have been designated as 'Healthy Cities.' Efforts are ongoing to further enhance the capabilities of these healthy cities to attain the status of an ideal city."

An ideal city is characterized by the successful integration of socio-economic and built-natural factors over time, making it vibrant, authentic, inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Speaking to Qatar TV, Al Tamimi highlighted the Ministry's commitment to providing various services to both citizens and expatriates, aiming to ensure a decent and healthy life. The Healthy City initiative, one of the Ministry's key initiatives, focuses on continually enhancing physical and social environments, expanding community resources, and fostering mutual support among residents.

Al Tamimi outlined the initiative's aspects, including providing a healthy environment, ensuring access to quality food, maintaining public hygiene, and offering sports facilities for health and fitness. He emphasized that the initiative is a collaborative effort involving support from all Ministries.

Discussing the Ministry's role in hosting the AFC Asian Cup 2023, Al Tamimi mentioned four key areas of participation, with food safety being a top priority. The General Cleanliness Department, representing the Ministry, is actively providing cleaning services nationwide, with a special focus on stadiums and training facilities.

The third aspect involves recycling waste generated during the Asian Cup to achieve the goal of zero waste to landfill. Additionally, the Ministry has intensified monitoring through municipalities to ensure the health and safety of fans in public places across the country. A team of 51 inspectors has been deployed to ensure eateries at the AFC Asian Cup 2023 venues and hotels comply with health and safety regulations.

The Ministry's action plan aims to guarantee the health and safety of players, fans, and participants in this international sports event, with municipal inspectors recording violations and taking necessary actions against non-compliant establishments.

By A Robin - January 28, 2024

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