Ministry of Municipality sets up 15 new waste collection points

Ministry of Municipality sets up 15 new waste collection points By A Robin - October 15, 2023
Waste collection points

Waste collection points

To combat incorrect waste disposal, the Ministry of Municipality has established 15 provisional waste collection sites near mobile livestock farms, agricultural sites, and barns. This step not only seeks to simplify the ongoing waste transport process but also aligns with the ministry's dedication to upholding environmental cleanliness nationwide. The unveiling was made at a recent press briefing.

Jaber Hassan Al Jaber, Director General of Al Rayyan Municipality, during the press conference mentioned that these new waste collection hubs, encompassing 200 square metres each, are built to modern standards. All 15 sites have been securely fenced and come furnished with portacabins, security staff, and electric generators.

Al Jaber, who also supervises the initiative to clear random dumpsites and waste from wilderness areas, mentioned the establishment of nine permanent sites adjacent to livestock farm clusters. He stated, "These waste collection points were initiated as per the directive of the Minister of Municipality. This is to address the issue of indiscriminate waste dumping in wild areas and to accommodate the needs of farm proprietors.”

A specialized team has been assembled to oversee the removal of these haphazard waste collection sites in wild regions, of which 160 have been identified as detrimental to both public health and the environment. Al Jaber emphasized the ministry's collaborative approach with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) and the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) to actualize this project adeptly.

Muqbil Madhur Al Shammari, Director of Public Cleanliness Department, noted the primary objective of these new sites is to mitigate indiscriminate waste disposal, uphold the cleanliness of natural settings, enforce security measures, and streamline waste collection and transport. He reiterated the importance of refraining from disposing of environmentally harmful waste at these sites. The list of discouraged waste includes electronic waste, construction debris, chemical residues, and wastewater.

Farm owners have been urged by the Ministry of Municipality to use these collection points responsibly. They should segregate recyclable materials like paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic, ensuring they are not mixed with other waste forms. Additionally, they are advised against discarding construction debris and old furniture.

The event also saw the participation of Hamad Salem Al Nuaimi, Director of the Wildlife Protection Department at MoECC.

By A Robin - October 15, 2023

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