How to sponsor Husband or Wife residence Visa in Qatar

How to sponsor Husband or Wife residence Visa in Qatar By Ruchi Singh - July 18, 2019
How to sponsor Husband or Wife residence Visa in Qatar

How to sponsor Husband or Wife residence Visa in Qatar

Families of sponsored residents in Qatar can enter the nation on a short-term Family Visit Visa, that has validity of one month. To stay in Qatar for more than a month, visit visa can be extended for six months. Expatriates planning to get their families to live in Qatar, ought to go through the procedure clarified underneath.

It's not possible to get a residence permit in Qatar without an employment contract and a local employer needs to sponsor it. Employee need to work for the sponsor for at least two years after which it is possible to change the sponsor if given a no objection certificate.

Salary Limits

Expats who are earning over QR 10,000 per month are able to sponsor their family’s residence visa. Attested marriage and birth certificates are required for the same.

Points to Note

Before starting the application procedure for Spouse/Kids Residence Visas, check with the employer whether they make arrangement for these. Employers are not obliged to process or pay for Family Residence Visas;however, a few organizations do deal with this procedure as a feature of their arrangement.

1.) Children above 25 years of age

While applying for visas, male childaged 25 years and over are not qualified to be on either parent's visa; there is no age limitation for girls, as long as they areunmarried.

2.) Few administrative steps to follow

a.) Your family can enter Qatar on entry visas. 

b.) They should then go through the medical test and have their fingerprints taken. 

c.) The application for residence visas can be made only after the medical tests have been done. 

d.) The application procedure takes up to a month and a half. 

3.) In case Spouse is willing to work 

Spouse who are willing to work, require unique dispensation in the form of a work permit from the Ministry of Labor’s Employment Department to be able to work under their spouse’s sponsorship.

Required Documents

a.) A completed application formthat can be downloaded from the

b.) A letter from your employer, expressing your position in the organization and your salary per month

c.) Bank Statements for last six months

d.) Passport copies of all family members

e.) Copy of marriage certificate,notarized by your nation's embassy in Qatar, and also by Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

f.) Copies of kids' birth certificates, notarized by your nation's embassy in Qatar, and additionally by Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

g.) Copies of your electricity bill to indicate evidence of address 

Things to keep in mind when making your application

- The applicationis filled in Arabic. Any translation center can help out with it

- You should have a Qatar ID before applying for family’s residence permit

- While you will just need to submit the document duplicates, all originals need to be presented at the time of application

- Your income needs to be minimum QR 10,000 to be qualified to sponsor your family 

Government Employee

If you are a Qatar Government agency employee, your employer’s letter mentioning your position and compensation should be certified by the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Housing 

GCC National

In case you are a GCC national and your spouse belongs to a different nationality whom you are wishing to bring to Qatar than a no-objection letter is required that is certified by your nation approving your marriage to a foreigner.

Once all the paperwork is completed an application needs to be made for family residence visa to the Ministry of Labor’s Department of Employment for approval

By Ruchi Singh - July 18, 2019

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