How to Calculate Unpaid Leave Amount in Qatar?

How to Calculate Unpaid Leave Amount in Qatar? By Darlene Regis - July 01, 2021
How to Calculate Unpaid Leave Amount in Qatar

Calculate Unpaid Leave

Are you using your paid leave benefits? Here are some guidelines about annual leave and how it is being calculated.

According to National Human Rights Committee Workers' Booklet, your leave for fractions of the year is calculated as per the amount of time spent in service, for example:

- If you still have six months ahead of your annual leave, you can get half of your vacation.

How long is your annual vacation?

Your annual paid leave is as follows:

- Three weeks if your period of service is less than five years.

- Four weeks if your term of service is five years or more.

Calculate Unpaid Leave Amount

The General Retirement & Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) provides this service to individuals, businesses and government entities to enable them to get an estimated calculation of an unpaid leave amount online.

Online Instructions

• Determine the unpaid leave period by selecting the date (day, month and year).
• Add more unpaid leaves if necessary.
• Enter the total salary (basic and social allowance).
• Click on “Calculate” to receive the results.

Calculate Online

Offline Instructions

• Visit the Customer Service at GRSIA headquarters.

• Provide the required details to calculate your assumed service amount.

• Service Center

• Customer Service at GRSIA headquarters (Check Google Maps)

Additional Information

• This service can be accessed from GRSIA mobile app.

• You can also get this service through the Customer Service from Sunday to Thursday from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

• The service provides an estimated calculation according to the user inputs, considering that the final calculation is done by GRSIA in accordance with Article (9) of the Law (24) of 2002 for retirements and pensions and its amendments.

• For any inquiries or assistance, please contact the Call Center at (183) which is available round the clock.

Conditions for acquiring unpaid leave period:

• That the applicant has the capacity of an employee or worker when submitting the application.

• To pay the contributions due for the used leave period at the rate of 15% of the salary (basic salary + social allowance) on the date of submitting the request.


No fees are required for this service.

Can you postpone your vacation to next year?

The employer shall determine your annual leave according to the requirements of the work, and he may, with your consent, split the leave, provided that each split section does not ex- ceed two weeks.

The employer may postpone half of the annual leave to the year following the year of entitlement, at a written request of you.

You may not relinquish your right to the annual leave.

A cash allowance equivalent to the wage payable in lieu of leave may be obtained.

If your employment contract is terminated before you enjoy the leave, you must be paid a cash allowance equivalent to your salary on the days of leave due.

What is the due date for payment of your annual leave?

The employer is obliged to pay the worker the wage due for the leave before the worker takes leave.

By Darlene Regis - July 01, 2021

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