Google celebrates Qatar National Day with special Doodle

Google celebrates Qatar National Day with special Doodle By A Robin - December 19, 2023
Google Doodle

Google Doodle

Google commemorates this year's Qatar National Day with its iconic Doodle displayed prominently on the platform's homepage.

As Qatar celebrates its national day on December 18, 2023, users are welcomed by the image of Qatar's flag waving against a vivid blue sky when they visit Google's homepage. Additionally, a maroon-colored fireworks display is visible when searching for the phrase "Qatar National Day" on the search engine.

Google describes the festive atmosphere in Qatar during the national day, noting that "homes and buildings are adorned with the white and maroon national flag, just like the one in today’s Doodle."

The explanation goes on to highlight that these colors symbolize Qatar's fundamental values: pride, solidarity, and loyalty.

Over the years, Google Doodles have evolved into a global phenomenon, celebrating heroes, events, culture, places, and more. The current Google Doodle, featuring the Qatari flag in honor of the country's national day, exemplifies this distinctive feature. According to Google, it has created over 5,000 doodles over the decades.

By A Robin - December 19, 2023

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