Gold Shopping In Qatar! *Most Affordable Gold Market*

Gold Shopping In Qatar! *Most Affordable Gold Market* By Qatar Day - June 07, 2020
Gold Shopping In Qatar

Gold Shopping In Qatar

This video is a about the QATAR GOLD SOUQ and my SIX TRIED-AND-TESTED Jewelry Shopping Tips. 

Qatar Gold Souq - Tour and Shopping tips (2019)

As we all know, Qatar and  the Gulf in general are known for their Gold; and so jewelry remains one of the top gift choices for tourists and expats, especially us Asians. And by gift, I mean gift for ourselves or for our loved ones here and back home. 

In today’s video, we will be talking about the Qatar Gold Souq and how to get the most out of your hard-earned money when jewelry shopping. We’ll start off with a quick tour for those who haven't been to the gold souq, so you’d know what to expect; and then later on, I will be sharing six of my best tried-and-tested shopping tips based on my years of experience with my family here in Doha. And finally, we will have a one-on-one interview with our first ever special guest! She is well-known in Doha especially among the Filipino community, when it comes to gold and jewelry.  She’ll be giving us more tips, and she’ll also be talking about her online shop, which offers free delivery and budget-friendly lay-away plans. 

The old Gold Souq  is located in Old Al Ghanim, just behind the huge Al Fardan building and adjacent to the bus stations. If you’re coming from Bank Street and heading towards the Corniche, turn right just before the Al fardan building, then just go straight ahead until you see all the jewelry stores.   

Welcome to the Gold Souq!  Where you’ll find all types of  jewelry, from the most popular bangles, bracelets, necklaces and chains, rings and earrings,  all at competitive prices.  They also have exquisite jewelry sets for when you are looking for something more special, like weddings.  And don’t let the name deceive you, for not only do they sell gold, they also have diamonds, silver, platinum, pearls and other precious stones.   You name it, they have it. 

The souq is open from 9am to 10pm, except on Fridays where they open at 4. But remember, even on weekdays, most of the stores close from noon to 4. Come in the morning to avoid the crowd, but if you want to see the souq really come alive,  and you don’t mind the crowd, then come in the evening. 

If you’re worried about fake jewelry, don’t.  The shops here are strictly regulated by the local ministry or Baladiya, and the items are stamped accordingly.  In fact when you buy a piece, say a bangle or a diamond ring, they will give you a card stating the weight of gold in grams, the karat (is it 24k or 22k or 18k), and if it has diamonds in it, the carat, the clarity, and color among others, so you are guaranteed, that what you bought is real, and it could even prove helpful, if you decide to sell it in the future.


  TIP No. 1 – Be patient and Look around

   TIP No. 2  - How to Haggle like a pro

   TIP No 3 – Negotiate, but don’t be too aggressive

   Tip No 4 – Learn to concede or walk away

   Tip No. 5 – Be a Suki (Regular customer)

   TIP No. 6 – There’s more outside the Gold Souq

Now that we’re done with my tips, as promised, let me introduce you to our special guest. She is Ms Jaheeda Ibrahim, owner and manager of Jaheeda Jewelry Online Shop. Like I said, she is known in the Filipino community in Doha as a one-stop-online shop owner. She offers a variety of items from  make-up and skincare, to authentic designer handbags, she even has cooking items, but of course, her bread and butter is jewelry. 

Watch the entire video to know about my conversation with Jaheeda!

By Qatar Day - June 07, 2020

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