Ashghal Elevates Safety Measures for 546 Schools Across Qatar

Ashghal Elevates Safety Measures for 546 Schools Across Qatar By Janeesha Sagin - August 27, 2023
Ashghal Elevates Safety Measures for 546 Schools Across Qatar

Ashghal boosts traffic safety for 546 Qatar schools

Doha: Ahead of the upcoming academic year 2023/2024, Ashghal, the Public Works Authority, has successfully enhanced traffic safety measures for roads around 546 schools out of 623 located in diverse regions across the nation. These schools were part of the School Zone Safety Programme.

Ashghal is collaborating with the Ministry of Interior and the National Road Safety Committee to identify schools requiring improvements, as determined by a study conducted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This initiative aims to guarantee the safety of students, educators, and parents as they enter or leave the school premises.

Furthermore, safety measures are being put in place for 48 schools, while safety enhancements for 3 others are still in the design phase. Additionally, 26 schools are slated for construction.

Engineer Ahmed Rashid Al Kubaisi noted that Ashghal initiated the School Zone Safety Programme in 2013, initially encompassing only 10 schools. This program has since expanded to cover a total of 623 schools in 2023, aligning with the objectives of the National Road Safety Strategy.

Al Kubaisi further mentioned: 'Ashghal persists in executing an all-encompassing and ongoing plan annually, adhering to global benchmarks. This plan aims to secure and improve traffic safety in proximity to school zones, while expanding the coverage of schools within the initiative through collaborative efforts with relevant stakeholders.

The initiative's objectives encompass easing traffic congestion in school vicinities, segregating pedestrian movement from vehicular traffic, enhancing underdeveloped temporary roads, ensuring pedestrian safety in proximity to schools, and optimizing traffic circulation.

Al Kubaisi further elaborated that Ashghal's Road Operations and Maintenance Department team undertakes tasks involving the construction and enhancement of roads built to the highest safety standards. This entails creating designated vehicle parking zones, establishing central islands and miniature roundabouts to manage traffic in these areas, as well as installing an ample number of directional signs, road markers, and road signs near schools. These measures serve to alert drivers to the presence of nearby schools and enforce a maximum speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour.

Industrial-grade speed bumps meeting specific criteria are installed to regulate speed, facilitate secure pedestrian crossings, and cater to individuals with special needs. These speed-reducing features are upgraded and maintained at school entry and exit points.

To guarantee secure access to schools situated along primary roadways, distinct and differently textured asphalt strips are positioned to notify drivers upon entering or exiting the school zone. Additionally, prominent cautionary signs are placed along roads leading to these schools.

By Janeesha Sagin - August 27, 2023

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