Agreement Reached on Qatari Grant and Opening of Gaza Crossings

Agreement Reached on Qatari Grant and Opening of Gaza Crossings By Qatar Day - September 07, 2021

Chairman of Qatar’s Gaza Reconstruction Committee Mohammed Al Emadi


Chairman of Qatar’s Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza HE Ambassador Mohammed Al Emadi on Monday announced that an agreement has been reached regarding the Qatari grant and the opening of the Gaza crossings in order to establish calm and stability in the Strip.

Al Emadi confirmed that during the past few days, meetings were held with the concerned parties and the agreement was reached to completely reopen the crossings, while providing various facilities that would help all parties to get out of the crisis situation and which will ease the tension in the region.

He stressed that the meetings achieved positive results which will help improve the living conditions of the residents of the Gaza Strip. The agreement was reached in full coordination with the United Nations and the Palestinian Authority. He also stressed that the development will have a positive impact on improving the living conditions in the Gaza Strip.

He indicated that the procedures related to the disbursement of the Qatari grant to needy families have been completed in agreement with the Palestinian Authority and the UN. He pointed out that the disbursement process will start according to the mechanism agreed upon with the UN during September, after the UN completes all technical procedures related to the disbursement process.

He also made it clear that the grant for Gaza employees will be disbursed in coordination with the Palestinian Authority during the coming days, and in agreement with the various parties.

Al Emadi urged the parties to assume their responsibilities to maintain calm and stability, with the aim of improving the conditions of the population living in extremely difficult humanitarian conditions.

This was necessary to ensure that international organisations and institutions could resume implementing various projects, including reconstruction and support for the various sectors in Gaza, most importantly the health.

By Qatar Day - September 07, 2021

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