What does the color of a car say about its owner?

What does the color of a car say about its owner? By Manoar Molla - February 08, 2022
What does the color of a car say about its owner

What does the color of a car say about its owner?

We all know that color has a big influence on a person. But psychologists decided to go further and to determine how the color of the car affects the character of its owner. Of course, the quality of a car can also tell a lot about a person: for example, you can easily determine the level of wealth when you see a person driving his own A class Mercedes or the driver of a cheap used car. An excellent opportunity to pamper yourself with a trip in luxury cars is also possible thanks to car rental. This service, familiar to everyone, has reached a new level and has become accessible and convenient for everyone. Now you can come, say, to the "capital" of world luxury - Dubai and afford the choice of absolutely any car of absolutely any color. However if a person buys a car for himself and is guided by his color preference, you can determine his character by color. If a used car is bought, then it is quite possible that the color will have an impact on a person, on his driving style and behavior, not only at the wheel, but also in life.

Black is the color of power and strength, the color of self-confidence, the color of status. The person who chose black is the least manipulated. Black car owners value elegance and classics. These cars are bad in terms of keeping the car clean. Visually lubricates some details of the design of the car, so black is rarely used to display exhibits at car shows. 


This color is associated with purity, freshness and innocence. The owners of such cars are perfectionists, have taste, they are elegant and self-confident. They will have order everywhere - in the car, at home, and in life. White car owners are hard to please. Lovers of white color always turn out to be adherents of everything new and technological. They value intelligence and wealth. White color does not irritate anyone, moreover, in the heat such a car heats up less.


A person who has chosen a gray body color in life is probably most practical and pragmatic. Drivers of gray cars are conservatives, supporters of traditions and balanced decisions. They love constancy, behave with dignity, calmly and expect the same behavior from others. They do not care about status, considering such things to be trifles. They are ready for compromises.


Silver is not gray. For lovers of silver, status and prestige are important things. If you like the color silver, you are practical, active, inventive, smart and have good taste. After all, silver perfectly masks dirt in cases where you do not have time to put the car in order due to an active lifestyle. The owner of cars in the color "silver" is certainly not satisfied with the simple gray color.


Despite the fact that many people associate gold on a car with shocking and glamor, lovers of this color have a good intellect, strong character, appreciate comfort and know how to make money. Golden color is considered warm. Those who love the golden color of the body prefer comfort and are ready to overpay for it by purchasing expensive cars..


It used to be that brown cars were bought by business people who have found themselves in life and who do not have high ambitions. But over the last 15 years the color association has changed. Car owners with this color have similar personality traits to black car owners but owners of brown cars want to be even more unique.


There is a significant difference between light blue and dark blue. Those who own blue or slightly lighter cars are calm and unshakable people. The owners of these cars are faithful friends in life. Owners of dark blue cars are self-confident, they want to look authoritative and trusting to others. They are loyal, optimistic, easily endure stress and resistant to the blows of fate. Good family men, honest and appreciate sincerity.


A person who prefers yellow cars knows that he attracts attention, and is not shy about it. The owners of these cars have a cheerful character. And, as a rule, the owners of such cars have an extraordinary sense of humor.


Orange color indicates uniqueness. This is one the most rare car color. People who choose a car in this color are creative people with artistic taste and originality. Unrestrained dreamers and generators of the most daring ideas. Orange lovers are people who always swim against the tide.

Those who choose red cars are ambitious, determined to achieve their goals, and want to live to the fullest. They like to be in the center of attention, enter into active disputes and consider themselves leaders. This color, in fact, is a "road exhibitionism". Owners of red cars are more sensitive to life events. They value dynamism and high energy.

You should not take this as the last instance, but if you have recently met a person, then the color of the car that he chose can become another element from the puzzle of his character, and the more such external pieces of the puzzle you collect, the more competently you can form your opinion about people without even knowing them.

By Manoar Molla - February 08, 2022

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