Things To Know If You Are New In Qatar

Things To Know If You Are New In Qatar By Naveed - January 07, 2024
Things To Know If You Are New In Qatar

Congratulations if you've recently moved to Qatar. You have arrived in a country of unlimited activities, tax-free salaries, and year-round sunlight. We're here to bust myths and assist you in adjusting to city life.

Respect All Jobs

There will probably be a few service levels that you're not used to at home. For example, someone gets paid to pack your groceries at supermarkets. Allowing someone to pack your groceries may seem strange, but telling the person doing the packing that their job shouldn't exist would probably feel even worse. Therefore, you ought to accept a free service offer with a thank-you and a smile on your face.

Pick up on key vocabulary

While in Qatar, you'll primarily hear English spoken, although even among non-Arabic speakers, you'll hear certain Arabic phrases frequently. Wallah (swear to God), Habibi (darling), and Yallah (hurry up) are a few examples.

Wear Modest Clothing

Short skirts and crop tops are not permitted anywhere in Qatar. The majority of restaurants and shopping centers prohibit customers from wearing shorts or other inadequate clothing. It is expected of foreign guests to dress in a way that respects Islamic culture. It is advised to dress modestly. In public, men typically dress in long pants and a shirt. Women should cover their knees, upper arms, and shoulders when they are out in public.

Download Important Apps

Everything is rather simple in Qatar. Almost anything can be delivered right to your door; you can call a taxi from anywhere, get your house cleaned, and make all of your payments online. Practically all of these firms offer customized apps to meet your specific needs. Additionally, it is recommended that you always have Metrash2 downloaded and accessible.

By Naveed - January 07, 2024

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