They Called XTRgate a Scam – Digging Deep to Know the Truth

They Called XTRgate a Scam – Digging Deep to Know the Truth By shahbazahmed - October 22, 2020
They Called XTRgate a Scam Digging Deep to Know the Truth

They Called XTRgate a Scam – Digging Deep to Know the Truth

Some comments from unknown people and so-called unbiased reviews tried to label XTRgate as a scam broker on the internet just recently. Well, labeling a business a scam and causing it to shut down is not difficult in today’s world. You just have to make enough people hear you out on the internet and the rest will be done with a common phenomenon on the internet i.e. viral content. However, we had to pick up our shovels and pick axes to dig deeper and know the truth before completely discrediting a broker. XTRgatescam contains a similar review of the broker, which you can see if any of your questions remained unanswered here. 

Verifying the Truth of XTRgate Being a Scam

Does It Promote Safety?

If a broker talks about and promotes the safety of its traders, we will have a hard time labeling it a scam. When we navigated the website of the broker, we found several instances of emphasis on security. The broker has proper SSL protocols installed for encryption. Additionally, it requires proper identification information from its traders before they sign up. It also adheres to the anti-money laundering policy, and maintains the funds of its traders in separate accounts. From all of this, XTRgate seemed like a great broker. 

Does It Make False Promises?

The biggest telltale sign that your broker is a scam is unnecessary pushy behavior. Your broker keeps pushing you to sign up so you can make a lot of money. It uses the word “millionaire” a lot to get your attention. It even promises to make you thousands of dollars on the same day. Most importantly, it preaches that you can make money without even working. Does XTRgate make any such promises? We read every single word of the website content and could not spot one instance of such pushy behavior. The broker seems very professional and legitimate. 

Does It Demand a Lot of Money? 

Another important factor that should draw your attention is your broker’s demand for a lot of money from you. It requires a lot of money from you to sign up. The idea is to make you shell out as much money as possible before you pull back. A legitimate broker will never do anything of that sort. And from our experience of inspecting XTRgate, we did not find it doing any of that. You can make a deposit as small as 500 units of the base currency if you want to start your trading account with this broker. 

Final Thoughts 

No! We do not think that XTRgate is a scam broker. We have checked dozens of other online brokers that are legitimate brokers for several years. We did not notice any stark differences in the services of those brokers the services of XTRgate. Perhaps, it will be a great idea for you to call the broker and talk yourself for maximum satisfaction. We encourage you to do your own research before putting your trust in an online broker. We will say the same for XTRgate as well. However, labeling it a scam broker in the blink of an eye seems unfair. 

By shahbazahmed - October 22, 2020

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