Seven Asian expats die in UAE floods

Seven Asian expats die in UAE floods By A Robin - July 29, 2022
UAE floods

UAE floods

Seven Asian expats were found dead in the floods from heavy rains that recently affected parts of the UAE, the Ministry of Interior announced on Friday.

In a video posted on the ministry’s official Instagram account, Brigadier General Dr Al Salem Al Tunaiji provided an update on the situation in the emirates of Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah, including the announcement about six deaths. Shortly afterwards, the ministry tweeted an update stating another Asian national, who had been missing, was found dead.

Homes and roads update

In the video, Brig Gen Al Tunjaiji added that field units are still carrying out evacuations in some of these areas. There are also shelters for some individuals whose homes were affected by the floods. Nearly 80 per cent of individuals whose residences were impacted have returned to their home in the past two days.

Meanwhile, some affected roads have been reopened. Work in underway to also soon reopen the only main road linking the emirate of Fujairah and Khor Fakkan city .

Moving cars

Also, Fujairah Police called on the public to move their vehicles parked opposite Fujairah Port in both directions, noting that all forms of support are available in the event of a vehicle breakdown, with the aim of seeking to open closed roads and return the flow of traffic.

At the time, police added that the main Fujairah road heading to the Al Qriyah area was closed in both directions, and the Qidfa ring road was closed for those coming from Khor Fakkan to Fujairah.

Meanwhile, several garages in the emirate of Fujairah have taken the initiative to provide inspection services for broken vehicles and the possibility of repairing them as soon as possible, while providing discounts for affected citizens and residents.

Hotel prices

The Fujairah Tourism and Antiquities Authority affirmed its interest in the commitment of all owners of hotels and hotel apartments not to raise prices in light of the current conditions after the unstable weather.

The authority sent a circular to all hotels and informed them about the decision.

The circular was distributed to hotel establishments operating in the emirate of Fujairah due to the receipt of a number of complaints about the raising of prices in an exaggerated manner.

The circular read: “We ask all hotels in the emirate to take into account the current conditions that the emirate is going through, which has led to an increase in demand for hotel rooms, by not raising the prices of rooms in an exaggerated manner, and [demonstrating] solidarity with those affected and living in hotels due to the rain and damaged roads.”

The circular called on everyone to abide by not raising prices and following any complaint against any hotel, the necessary action will be taken against the hotel.

By A Robin - July 29, 2022

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