Recruitment for Skilled Workers Through an Outsourcing Service in Doha

Recruitment for Skilled Workers Through an Outsourcing Service in Doha By Darlene Regis - August 17, 2021
Recruitment for Skilled Workers and Regular Laborers Through an Outsourcing Service in Doha

Recruitment for Skilled Workers and Regular Laborers Through an Outsourcing Service in Doha

As a company, you need skilled and reliable workers for your daily business operations. You want convenience and flexibility.

Whether you require workers to deploy for restaurants, gas stations, or retail shops — B2C Solutions, hiring quality help is fast and easy. 

One of best recruitment companies in Qatar, B2C, has built a trusted reputation and extensive experience in recruitment and manpower supply to the satisfaction of its long list of high-profile government clients in the State.

The majority of the migrant workers in Qatar come from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.  

An estimated 506,000 of these work in construction, currently geared towards hosting the 2022 World Cup, as stated in a report by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR).

B2C Solutions is one of the companies specializing in outsourcing service in Doha for construction workers and required staff during the preparation and planning, construction, and execution of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Hire skilled workers for the work you need, when you need it done with B2C.

Who are skilled workers and day laborers?

The daily assignments for skilled workers are mainly for work in the construction and landscaping industries. They are primarily employed by homeowners/renters and construction contractors.

Their employers are usually residential construction contractors and homeowners who need immediate help with work projects.

Day laborers are those who are either looking for day-labor jobs or working as day laborers on any given day. They are not solely temporary workers as they can be hired on a regular basis.

The top occupations include:

• Gardener and landscaper

• Painter

• Mover

• Loading/Unloading

• Cleaner

• Domestic Worker

• Child Care Staff

• Elderly Care Crew

• Chef

• Construction laborer

• Carpenter

• Electrician

• Plumber

• Maintenance Staff

• Mason, etc.

Domestic Work

• Organizing

• Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming

• Home & Office cleaning

• Dusting

• Deep Cleaning

• Child Care Assistance


• Hauling

• Clean up

• Irrigation system installation & repairs

• Pruning & Trimming

• Tree Removal & Tree Trimming

• Brush & weed clearing


• Maintenance and repairs

• Kitchen Remodeling

• Room Additions

• Bathroom Remodeling

• Drywall: Hanging & Taping

• Roofing

• Exterior & interior painting

• Carpentry: Fences, wood floors, Wood decks

• Windows and doors installation

• Electrical Work

• Welding

• Plumbing

• Tile, marble, stone, & granite work

• Cement Work

• Demolition

• Stucco / Re-Stucco

• Block & Brick

• Welders

• Insulation

• Gutters repair & replacement


• Convention & Conference Organization

• Setup / Teardown

• Materials Management

• Custodial / Janitorial Services

• Catering

• Banquet Service

• Dishwashing

• Parking Attendants

• Event Security

• Runners


• Shipping & Receiving

• Delivery

• Processing & Handling

• Breakdown

• Commercial / Residential Moving

• Loading / Unloading, Distribution

• Local / National Moving

• Freight Shipment & Handling

How B2C can help you with your urgent skilled manpower needs?

B2C connects businesses and homeowners with skilled day laborers for a variety of services, ensuring fair wages and good working conditions.

The hiring process is easy, convenient and dignified.

B2C is comprised of recruiters specializing in staffing solutions in Qatar who are focused on getting the right candidates based on your requirements.

This recruitment company organizes and normalizes the hiring of day laborers, monitors worker quality and provides opportunities for worker incorporation into the mainstream economy through employment assistance and, sometimes, skills training.

B2C is your partner in finding skilled workers and regular laborers near you. It aims to connect businesses, homeowners and others with a trained staff for a variety of services.

Hire a skilled worker or a regular laborer near you today. 

To partner with B2C Solutions for your company's hiring needs, send an email to

If you are a job seeker in search of construction-related jobs or actively looking for an immediate job, send your CV to

By Darlene Regis - August 17, 2021

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