Qatar Permanent Representative to UN in Geneva: Qatar Has Distinguished Record in Mediation

Qatar Permanent Representative to UN in Geneva: Qatar Has Distinguished Record in Mediation By A Robin - May 14, 2023
Hend Abdalrahman Al Muftah

Hend Abdalrahman Al Muftah

HE Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the UN Office in Geneva Dr. Hind Abdulrahman Al Muftah said the State of Qatar has a distinguished record in mediating and solving regional disputes which receives an international appreciation.

Delivering a lecture at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) on Wednesday under the title of world government, what role the State of Qatar performs, Al Muftah outlined that the State of Qatar is a model for all fields of global governance, especially in sustainable development and environment protection, soft power (Sports, Media, cultural institutions, foreign investments, etc.), adding that Qatar is one of the world's few nations that made a significant progress in achieving the diverse economic stability and food security, such as supply chains, and reduction of carbon emissions. She said the country also launched several initiatives to boost renewable energy and energy utilization efficiency.

Her Excellency indicated that the initiatives are demonstrated in Qatar's adopting the first carbon-neutral edition of world cup in the history through installing stations of measuring air quality and gas emissions at stadiums and building eco-friendly stadiums, such as depending on renewable energy, water rationalization and sustainable waste management which enabled the country to present a model and an extremely vital lesson that small and medium states are capable of attaining excellence in hosting major global occasions such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Her Excellency emphasized that the robust economy of the State of Qatar, which is driven by its huge reserves of natural gas, offers the country significant financial resources that can be used to support the global governance initiatives, as well as enabling the country to undertake a key role in global energy markets as one of the largest producers of natural gas in the world.

She stressed the importance of highlighting Qatar's efforts in solving the energy crisis Europe has been experiencing since the start of the Russian-Ukrainain crisis, and this comes owing to Qatar's leading role in producing the Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and exporting it to all over the world.

Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the UN Office in Geneva pointed out to the State of Qatar's participation in various peace negotiations and dispute resolution initiatives, such as brokering a truce in Yemen 2008-2010, and hosting the Lebanese National Dialogue, patronizing Darfur negotiations, signing of Doha Document for Peace in the Sudanese region, hosting the talks between the United States of America and Afghan Taliban that were concluded with the signing of the peace agreement by the two parties, patronizing the negotiations between the Chadian parties that culminated in the signing of the Doha Peace Agreement and the Participation of Politico-Military Movements in the Chadian National, Inclusive, and Sovereign Dialogue, as well as helping Somalia and Kenya to resume their diplomatic relations. 

HE Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations Office in Geneva Hend Abdalrahman Al Muftah stressed Qatar's ability - through benefiting from its experience in that field and its strong bilateral and multilateral alliances - to contribute to boosting the sustainability of peace, security, and stability in areas affected by conflict, and supporting the UN and international efforts in that field.

Her Excellency shed light on the State of Qatar's role in addressing urgent international crises, including its role in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigating its effects by providing various kinds of international aid that benefited more than 80 countries around the world, its support for the efforts related to fair and equal access to vaccines for all in an accessible and fair manner without discrimination as it provided the support for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and the COVAX mechanism, as well as supporting the World Health Organization (WHO) and the humanitarian initiative to provide vaccines for the most vulnerable people, especially refugees, displaced, and migrants.

Her Excellency pointed out the great importance that the State of Qatar attaches - within the framework of its international relations - to boost bilateral and multilateral cooperation and work with regional and international countries and organizations, indicating that this is evident by being a member of more than 328 Arab, regional, and international organizations and bodies in various fields.

Her Excellency added that Qatar National Vision 2030 affirmed Qatar's keenness to effectively participate in the international cooperation field and to contribute to establishing international peace and security by adopting and supporting political initiatives and providing development and humanitarian assistance. In that regard, Her Excellency pointed out that every year Qatar organizes the Doha Forum and the Interfaith Dialogue Conference, as well as continuously hosts specialized international conferences to discuss current issues and challenges to address them and find proper solutions for them.

In her remarks regarding international representation and cooperation, Al Muftah referred to Qatar's increased participation with international organizations - such as the UN and various bodies and its participation in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, in addition to boosting regional and international cooperation and strengthening regional and international institutions and frameworks, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Her Excellency pointed out that Qatar had emerged, within the framework of its diplomatic efforts, at the forefront of countries that helped mitigate the impacts of the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria by coordinating with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Qatar also spared no effort in securing flights to transfer the Afghani people and the refugees from Afghanistan to safe countries around the world in coordination with international governments and institutions while affirming its commitment to work with the international community to provide needed humanitarian aid and support for the refugees.

Meanwhile, Her Excellency stressed that the recent opening of the UN House in Doha resembles a significant step to promote the existing partnership between the State of Qatar and the UN organization and its specialized offices, agencies, and funds. It is expected that the UN House in Doha will contribute to promoting the State of Qatar's role in the international political map, especially in the field of multilateral diplomacy, and will contribute to enabling the UN offices to carry out its mandate and implement its programs and activities, especially those concerned with the region, effectively and efficiently.


By A Robin - May 14, 2023

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