Qatar home to world's longest air-conditioned open pedestrian and jogging path

Qatar home to world's longest air-conditioned open pedestrian and jogging path By A Robin - November 03, 2022
Umm Al Seneem Park

Umm Al Seneem Park

Qatar has been officially declared home to the world's longest air-conditioned pedestrian and jogging path in an open park. The 1,143-metre path is in Umm Al Seneem Park and becomes the fifth project of Qatar's Public Works Authority (Ashghal) to obtain a Guinness World Record.

The Guinness World Records official adjudicator Pravin Patel made the announcement during a tree-planting event organized by Ashghal's Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar.

"We are proud of the title as the park achieves a strategic plan for the humanization and beautification of cities at the highest quality levels and international standards. Central parks with air-conditioned paths also aim to promote a healthy lifestyle in all seasons," said Ashghal President Saad Ahmed Ibrahim Al Mohannadi.

Umm Al Seneem park includes 88,400 sqm of green spaces, 912 trees, a 1,135 m cycling path, a 1,143 m pedestrian and jogging path, three exercising areas with fitness equipment, two playing areas and 40 bicycle stands.

Yousef Al-Emadi, Projects Affairs Director at Ashghal, said, "This achievement is a reward to the work team that was able to implement an air-conditioning system for the longest air-conditioned pedestrian and jogging path in an open park."

Committee Chairman Mohammed Arqoub Al Khaldi said, "Umm Al Seneem Park is the 2nd central air-conditioned park by the committee andbreaking Guinness World Records for the longest air-conditioned path in open park is an achievement to be added to the committee’s achievements records."

Jarallah Al Marri, Manager of the Buildings Projects Dept, said, "We are proud that the pedestrian and jogging path conditioning system is environmentally friendly as it depends on generating a large percentage of electricity required to operate the air conditioners using solar panels."

Abdulhakim Al Hashemi, Head of the Public Projects Section at Ashghal, said, "We are proud of the achievement of Ashghal’s engineers who proved their competencies and received professional excellence, as they have left a significant mark in the achievement of Qatar’s prosperity."

Mohamed Al Khouri, Director of Public Parks in the Ministry of Municipality, said, "Breaking a new global record in the name of Qatar in Guinness World Records is a major accomplishment that we are proud of, as it also motivates us to achieve further accomplishments."

Majed Al Maadadi, Project Manager, said, "Air-conditioning open space is a challenge and it requires years of studies and engineering experiments as the Ashghal work team prepared engineering designs and conducted necessary experiments to ensure the success of the path’s air-conditioning system."

Yasmine Al-Sheikh, Project Design Manager, said, "The implementation of the longest pedestrian and jogging path in a safe and environmentally friendly manner encourages exercising as the park was also designed to be a recreational destination for Qatar’s citizens and visitors."

By A Robin - November 03, 2022

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