'Poison Wind' Season Begins on July 14 in Qatar

'Poison Wind' Season Begins on July 14 in Qatar By Darlene Regis - July 14, 2022
Poison Wind Season Begins on July 14 in Qatar

Start of Poison Wind Season in Qatar

Qatar Calendar House (QCH) has announced the start of the "Poison Wind" season in Qatar, which is common among Arabian peninsula countries.

 The ‘Poison Wind’ season has started today, July 14. It is expected to last for 2 weeks, July 29, QCH confirmed. 

Poison Wind, according to ArabiaWeather, means "toxic wind" and it was named so because of its harmful effect on plants and humans. If it blows its poison on the plant (ie it burns it), and the sudden onset of the poison winds may cause sunstroke to humans, and this is due to the fact that the hot wind brings more heat to the body than it can be eliminated by the evaporation of sweat.

Locally known as ‘Simoom,’ the Poison Wind affects most parts of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a very hot and dry wind, usually accompanied by rising temperatures, and is one of the most famous monsoon winds to blow over the Arabian region.

The Qatar Calendar House explains on Twitter that this natural calamity will bring very hot dry winds that stir dust in the air making it difficult to see in many areas. Residents can expect high weather temperatures during this time.

Sources: Qatar Calendar House and ArabiaWeather

By Darlene Regis - July 14, 2022

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