New Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Center Opens in Lusail

New Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Center Opens in Lusail By Darlene Regis - January 06, 2022
New Drive Through COVID19 Testing Center Opens in Lusail

MOPH announces the opening of the Lusail Drive-through Testing Center for Covid-19

The Ministry of Public Health has announced the opening of a new Drive-Through Testing Center in Lusail on Thursday 6 January, starting at 4 pm to significantly expand capacity and enhance accessibility for COVID-19 swabbing.

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The new 10 lanes drive-through center will provide PCR tests (not Rapid Antigen Tests, which will continue to be provided at PHCC) with the capacity to swab up to 5,000 people a day. The center will be open 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm and will continue to operate as a PCR test center while demand for COVID-19 remains exceptionally high due to the Omicron wave.

The Ministry also announced a set of updates to its COVID-19 testing protocol to enhance access to COVID-19 tests and ensure tests are processed in the most efficient and effective manner. 

The updates come following a significant increase in demand for COVID-19 tests due to the third wave of the pandemic, driven by the highly transmissible Omicron variant and the large number of travelers returning to Qatar in the past ten days seeking post-travel tests.

The Ministry indicated that the updates also include, in addition to the opening of a drive-through testing center in Lusail, approval of the wide use of the rapid antigen test (RAT) to obtain quick results.

Rapid Antigen Tests 

MOPH Health has approved the use of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) at authorized public and private centers for the following groups:

• For people under 50 years of age who display COVID-19 symptoms. 
• For people under 50 years of age who are close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases.
• For travelers returning to Qatar who require post-travel COVID-19 tests 
• Rapid antigen tests offer a fast and accurate screening test to detect COVID-19 virus antigens in the individual. The tests require a nasal swab to be taken from the individual, and the results are available within a short time. Those who test positive on a Rapid Antigen Test DO NOT need to confirm it with a PCR test. People above 50 years of age who display symptoms or are close contacts will be tested using PCR. 

The change in policy to rapid antigen testing comes into effect on 5 January and will enable people who are eligible to have their positive or negative status confirmed more rapidly. 

From 5 January, rapid antigen tests undertaken at Primary Health Care Corporation health centers will have their results sent to them via SMS within two hours of the test. The results are reflected in Ehteraz no earlier than 4 hours after the test. Rapid antigen tests undertaken in private facilities will be reflected in Ehteraz starting Monday, 10 January.  

Testing of Close Contacts

Asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) close contacts of an infected case who have received the COVID-19 booster dose or second dose of the vaccine within the last 4 months, are under 50 years of age, and have no chronic conditions have the option to take an antigen test if the individual requests. The Ministry of Public Health does not require them to be tested because they have a high level of immunity against the virus. However, they must continue to follow the precautionary measures and wear a face mask, as per MOPH policy. 

Close contacts who are unvaccinated, have not had the booster dose, or had their second dose more than 4 months ago, in addition to people aged 50 years or above and people with chronic conditions, will be tested.  A rapid antigen test for those under 50 years of age and a PCR test for those aged 50 years and above. 

By Darlene Regis - January 06, 2022

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