MOPH Holds First Qatari Board Examination

MOPH Holds First Qatari Board Examination By Nidhul - September 20, 2021
MOPH Holds First Qatari Board Examination

The Ministry of Public Health

Doha, September 20 - The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) held its first written Qatari Board of Medical Specialties (QBMS) examination for medical residents in the State of Qatar.

The certifying exam included 13 ACGME-I accredited specialties and was administered to 148 candidates. The examination is a profound achievement for the healthcare sector in Qatar as the QBMS will now provide specialization certification for all medical residents who finish their training in Qatar. This includes those trained in the thirteen ACGME-I accredited programs and other programs which will soon follow.

The QBMS is an ambitious project seeking to ensure the quality, competence, and specialty knowledge of physicians in their respective specialties. Through the board certifying examinations, the healthcare practitioners can be assured of the opportunity for enhanced learning and providing better patient care.

The QBMS was incepted in July 2020 under the patronage of the Ministry of Public Health and will offer two parts for each participating training program.

Chair of the Executive Committee of QBMS Dr. Saad Al Kaabi said, "The inception of the QBMS is a huge and successful leap in medical education in Qatar and it would not have materialized without the outstanding, collaborative effort of physicians and staff professionals. The successful completion of the examination is just the beginning of what the healthcare sector can achieve through hard work, dedication, and motivation to provide top-quality healthcare to the people in Qatar.

"The QBMS intends to be a force through its board certification to further enhance medical education in Qatar for healthcare practitioners and enrich their professional development. The standards and policies prepared by esteemed professionals ensure the highest quality of examination for physicians to continue learning in their specialty."

Dr. Al Kaabi praised the outstanding efforts and procedures that guaranteed the smooth administration of the examination despite the exceptional circumstances that the world is going through these days. He also praised the role played by the Ministry of Public Health in implementing precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the participants in this important event.

Chair of the Examination Committee of QBMS Dr. Abdullah Al Naimi detailed the long process of preparation for the first examination, which started last year. "The development of the examination and the related policies, standards, and regulations was done by local expertise and using best evidence. The examiners were drafted locally from the major healthcare institutions. They were extensively trained by multiple workshops and training sessions to qualify them to be competent exam item developers."

Dr. Al Naimi added, "the QBMS examination is a coronation of the efforts that lead to establishing the QBMS and represents a great achievement in the field of medical education in Qatar and a continuation of the path of excellence started by establishing the medical school at the University of Qatar and followed by the graduation of the first batch of medical students. It is expected to be a springboard that will push the quality of healthcare in the State of Qatar to the highest levels."


By Nidhul - September 20, 2021

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