Meet first female oil engineer on field in Saudi Arabia

Meet first female oil engineer on field in Saudi Arabia By A Robin - June 15, 2023
Raghad Al Dosari

Raghad Al Dosari

Engineer Raghad Al-Dosari, the first Saudi female field engineer in the field of oil and gas in the Drilling Department, revealed the reasons for her entry into this field, the difficulties she faces, and the way she deals with drilling tools.

Engineer Raghad said, during an intervention on the “My Lady” program: The oil and gas field is one of the difficult fields. It was one of my dreams when I was a mechanical engineering student. Praise be to God, this dream came true. Pointing out that she graduated from the University of Bahrain.

And she continued: The field of drilling is wide and important in it is focus and creativity in a specific section in it and prove yourself and prove your worth, as it is one of the sections that is difficult to learn and master in a short stage, and it is the right place for real engineering, mastering it and working in it.

She added: There are girls studying in different specialties in oil and gas, but in the drilling department in which I work, it is one of the departments that offers new tools and it is difficult to keep up with it in terms of experience and mastery of work, as the department itself is difficult in terms of the environment.

And she went on: The difficulty of this department is the necessity of being present other than the other departments in which the work is in an office environment.

Regarding the way she deals with drilling tools, Raghad said: I am one of the people who focused on one of the types of technology in the drilling department, and in this department, before we leave the office for a specific area, we adjust plans and exercises.

And she continued: In this field, I, as an engineer, when I reach the field, I am responsible for preparing the ceremony process, and I have the plans responsible for implementing them, and there are people who help us in that, but as an engineer, I care and make sure of the safety of the people with him and the safety of the project.

By A Robin - June 15, 2023

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