Introducing Spirit of Kings’ Manifestation Collection: a Jewel-Inspired Collection fit for the Royal

Introducing Spirit of Kings’ Manifestation Collection: a Jewel-Inspired Collection fit for the Royal By A Robin - April 19, 2024
Manifestation Collection

Manifestation Collection

Spirit of Kings, the niche perfume brand based in Spain that aims to embody the essence of medieval royalty, with its opulence and aesthetics, is proud to introduce their second collection; the Manifestation Collection, born by the desire of the brand to honor the ancient jewelry and luxury of royalty, connecting it with the principles that define Kings and Queens.

The Spanish brand drew its greatest inspiration for this second launch from the desire to align its brand identity with the concept of the highest royal jewelry from medieval times, enriching the present with a touch of historical opulence. 

When one adorns oneself with jewelry, from the moment it is put on until it catches the eye of others, it becomes a ceremony of luxury in which you exude elegance in the way you present yourself to the world. Thus, others admire what you wear, and compliments shower upon you. In Spirit of Kings, the aim is to offer the same experience, only the jewelry isn't visible; it's olfactory. 

About the Brand – From the bottle… to the top 

Spirit of Kings is a luxury perfume brand launched in Spain in 2019. Its main brand principle is to enrich the present by evoking the legendary past of the English Royalty from the Middle Ages, through modern and carefully crafted creations, paying attention to detail from the bottle to the fragrances, which are crafted by the Perfumer Christian Provenzano. 

Despite it being a young firm, since the start the brand has swiftly gained recognition and is well positioned in the niche industry. It has, at the moment, two collections; Gold Collection, launched in 2019, and the Manifestation Collection, which we are presenting within these lines.

The Manifestation Collection

First things first… The packaging

The purpose of the packaging is to deliver a tangible experience from the moment the packaging is unveiled, reminding us of acquiring a piece of the finest jewelry, with the sole difference that, in this case, the precious gem is encapsulated within a vintage-style bottle.

Just by a quick look, we can see that the packaging complements the essence of the collection and the brand's identity.

The outer packaging is a box reminiscent of the decoration found in ancient books, featuring the biomorphic ornamentation typical of medieval royalty. Each box is adorned with the color and illustration corresponding to the collection it represents.

Once we open the box, we are greeted with a high-quality faux leather chest, aiming to evoke the sensation of acquiring a piece of jewelry. Upon opening the chest, we uncover the treasure: a glass bottle adorned with a French diamond-cut pattern, evocating a vintage style. The bottle features a magnetic cap designed as a cushion-cut gem, surrounded by 20 French-cut diamonds, adorning its crown.

As we can see, the luxury experience begins long before we even spray the perfume on ourselves...

The scents

Manifestation Collection features sixteen perfumes, crafted from the highest quality natural oils and made with the finest natural ingredients, carefully selected to offer a liquid gem with lasting power and magnificent evolution.

Christian Provenzano is the perfumer behind Spirit of Kings creations; his expertise and extensive knowledge in perfumery spanning over 50 years are evident in every note and combination of notes that we experience.

All the perfumes are unisex, suitable for anyone who wishes to crown themselves as King or Queen by acquiring one of their outstanding perfumes.

As mentioned, the Manifestation Collection aims to evoke the core principles that define Royalty; Wisdom, Guardianship, Justice, and Compassion. Thus, the Manifestation Collection is divided into four Sub-Collections or “Books”, each with its own identity and Four “Chapters” on each one, which are the perfumes on each collection: 

Wisdom Collection

Distinguished by its green color, and represented by the illustration of a tree growing and being nourished from a book, it embodies wisdom. To reflect this concept into fragrances, Wisdom Collection features a line of more herbal, aromatic, and green notes.

The key notes on this collection are Patchouli, Spices like Ginger, Thyme, Rosemary and trees like Cedar. It comprises four perfumes, named after characteristics of wisdom: Notion, Intuition, Perception, and Elevation. 

Guardianship Collection

Characterized by its violet color, and the illustration of a guardian protecting the Castle, this collection evokes the mystery of safeguarding a precious possession, blending the passion of red with the serenity of blue. Its fragrances are floral, seductive, and mysterious. 

The key notes that define the line of this collection are different types of roses such as Damascena, Moroccan Rose, Vanilla and Amber, and some Oud and Guaiacwood accords. The Guardianship collection includes four perfumes, named after the qualities of any guardianship: Fidelity, Dedication, Loyalty, and Allegiance. 

Justice Collection

Represented by its blue color, and the illustration of a balance, symbol of equality and impartiality, the scents embody the serenity required to administer justice in the world. It features the freshness of fruits and citrus, along with grounding woods. To achieve this concept, the key notes included in this collection are: Bergamot, Pineapple, Amber, Cambodian Oud and Blond Woods.

This collection contains four perfumes, named after characteristics of justice: Nobility, Honor, Verity, and Virtue.

Compassion Collection

Adorned with a red color, manifests compassion, love, and passion through warm, sweet, and fruity fragrances that take care of your soul.

 That’s why the main notes included in this collection are fruits like Pineapple, Strawberry, Bergamot, that fall in a bed of Amber, Vanilla, and Musk, with a sweet, warm finish. This collection is composed by four perfumes, named after characteristics of the compassion: Mercy, Amity, Harmony, and Affinity, each one with their unique identity. 

Launch feedback & novelties for this year 

The Manifestation Collection officially debuted in Cannes at the end of 2022 and was met with resounding success. Customers praised its unique concepts, elegant packaging, and captivating scents, prompting the brand to expand the line. This year, Spirit of Kings introduces Home Fragrances, Body Sprays, and Hair Mists, offering the same luxurious experience in different formats across all 16 references.

Currently, their perfumes are available in 100ml bottles and discovery kits for each one of the four collections, containing 4x5ml samples, allowing you to find your perfect match.

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By A Robin - April 19, 2024

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