How Ontiva and Evano works as free YouTube downloader

How Ontiva and Evano works as free YouTube downloader By Josh Ravi - August 10, 2020
How Ontiva and Evano works as free YouTube downloader

How Ontiva and Evano works as free YouTube downloader

Ontiva and Evano are both award-winning applications for Windows, which enables you to download video clips from YouTube or maybe some additional video sharing site. With just one click, these media files can be downloaded, changed into any video format, converted to sound data format like MP4 or MP3 in a very fine quality of 8Kbps for video or perhaps 320 Kbps for audio. For now, there are very few free YouTube downloaders or platforms available which allow you to download, edit and convert YouTube video clips to your preferred file format with supreme quality in an easy step by step procedure. You may find a great deal of procedures needed to obtain as well as convert documents with an internet file video converter, but many of them also demand a signup cost. This may prove tiresome and challenging. Without any worries, Ontiva and Evano are the perfect platforms to download and convert your files.

Ontiva and Evano video downloaders and editors provide the perfect platforms ever. You are able to download some YouTube video clips from these particular platforms. They support each video format to obtain, like MP4, WEBM, WMV, 3GP, M4V, MP3, MO, FLV, etc. These particular platforms are entirely free of cost to work with, and also you can obtain plenty of video clips without any limitations. YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. It’s additionally among the best Google products. Everybody watching YouTube videos direly wants to save videos so that they can enjoy them later. Because of this, Ontiva and Evano YouTube video downloader and editors are best suited to your needs. Anytime, anyplace, obtain YouTube videos for free, but you need to be online until the process is completed.

Salient features of Ontiva and Evano

Ontiva and Evano are free YouTube downloaders file conversion platforms, which allow users around the globe to obtain as well as convert YouTube videos to mp3 formats. These online platforms additionally allow you to convert to any other frequent format of your choice, i.e., wav, including mp4, etc. There’s no limit to the number of downloads you can have. You’re ready to accept a planet of limitless downloads as well as file transformation.

Presently, these particular platforms have captured more than 7.5million files converted, and still, the counter goes on. These files have summed up to a complete converted size of more than 344 TB. You can also add your downloads to the favorite list. 

You can check mp3 downloader on how to convert it easily.

Competitive advantage

Why Ontiva and Evano stand out from some other file transformation platforms is the fact that they are free of cost. You simply head right to the business you’re generally there for without needing to spend any cent to get the job done. The advantage of Ontiva over other platforms is that they feel that the great things in life must be for no cost and to be highly secure. These particular free YouTube downloaders additionally save you time by allowing you to download as well as convert documents from YouTube to other platforms and Mp3 at super speed. 

In this contemporary era of modernization and automation, none of the business owners desires to go to a website & invest a significant number of hours or minutes on it attempting to convert one video to an mp3 structure. Several sites would go as far as redirecting one to some other pages, which is definitely irritating and compromises your security as well, particularly if, in the long run, the aim is defeated. Ontiva and Evano save you a lot of time as well as download the documents of yours within no time.

Step by step procedure for conversion

You can have free YouTube downloader, edit and convert YouTube documents in only 6 (six) simple steps:

1. Go to YouTube and choose the video you want to convert.

2. From the address bar, copy the URL link of the video you just opened.

3. Go to paste the file’s URL link on the allocated bar on Ontiva platform or go to to edit or convert on Evano platform 

4. Choose your preferred output video as well as audio format.

5. Click convert now button to launch the sequence rapidly

6. As soon as this is done, click on “Download,” and after a couple of seconds, the file will be saved in your device storage.

Multiple conversion formats availability

Ontiva and Evano are also platforms that provide many paper selections. This implies you’re not only restricted to turning YouTube to mp4/mp3 or Wav file format. It additionally provides you with the choice to convert to various other supported formats of MKV, WMA, MOV, FLV, mp2, and OGG. This particular assortment of characteristics provides Ontiva YouTube Converter and Evano editor an advantage over other internet converter web sites. Therefore, these are the most versatile and flexible free YouTube downloader platforms.

Ontiva and Evano addressing your legal concerns

This internet file converter and editor service platforms are entirely legal. You do not need to be concerned about getting into problems with the authorities for breaching copyright policies. Provided that the contents downloaded aren’t copyrighted, and the download objectivity is private, then you’re good to go. However, it’s just illegal in case you don’t have the authorization to create copies of the documents, or you are going to distribute it on social media platforms without having the publisher’s consent.

Security concerns

Ontiva YouTube file converter and downloader, as well as Evano editor, don’t hurl Trojans or any malware in your downloadable and downloaded documents. It upholds rigid privacy policy, and it doesn’t disclose any of the private info, unless on grounds specified in the terms and conditions. It’s safe to make use of this platform and never have to be concerned about breach or hack.

Why work with Ontiva and Evano YouTube video downloader and editor?

YouTube is an extremely amazing media platform. As we realize it’s an internet service, therefore, you must have access to web connection to watch videos. If you would like videos to play offline any time you wish, then you have to download them on your desktop or smartphone. YouTube offers a very limited choice for downloading the video. To have these videos offline, you have to use Ontiva to convert and download to your storage device. Although YouTube allows you to watch, upload, share, comment, like, and numerous other options. Also, YouTube mobile app comes up with an inbuilt download choice, but they can be only played from the YouTube app with no sharing options to your storage device, which is not handy enough to experience.

The procedure of YouTube video downloader

In case you wish to save the video, then Evano and Ontiva platforms are going to do the job for you, and this article will guide you through the way to produce your required results hassle-freely. 

The process is quite simple to follow. As soon as you open the required video on YouTube, the video’s URL will be located on the browser’s URL bar. Copy the link and then follow the steps as mentioned. 

1. Visit these particular sites and, to download and edit your videos.

2. Find the insert videos URL bar and paste the link you’ve copied

3. Next, click on Get Download Links. A summary of download links for those formats will appear.

4. Pick from the list in the format in which you want to convert the file

5. Then a download option will pop once the conversion is completed, click download.

6. The download will begin and will be saved to your default destination folder.

Advantages and different downloading qualities of Ontiva and Evano

Following the procedure above, you can immediately obtain YouTube videos for free. These are the most demanding and supreme YouTube downloading and editing platforms. In addition to that, you can convert your files into mp3 format as well and download them as an audio file. Considering that whether you would be able to download the High Definition (HD) quality, then yes, you can have it for free. However, it might take some more time, and the file size will be larger. Online YouTube downloader platforms would download a video in the quality that is uploaded by the channel. If it’s uploaded in low quality, then this is the quality that you would obtain as its downloaded version. Whereas, if it’s in high quality, then you have numerous choices depending on your system constraints, i.e., you can zip it to a small size file. For instance, if a video clip is uploaded in 1080p. Then you have alternatives to download it in 144p, 360p, 240p, 720p as well as 1080p. 

Subtitles to your downloaded file

When you’re downloading large-sized files like movies, as you download the videos, the subtitles will be downloaded automatically if the uploader publishes them, and if your media player supports subtitles, then you will be able to watch them. However, if not published, you can search for the specific subtitles in your required language and download them separately.


Ontiva and Evano YouTube video downloader and editor are the greatest platforms for downloading internet movies, documentaries, media files, and tech videos. They’re convenient to work with and require no hectic procedures to follow; being highly smooth and efficient, they are heavily demanded in the market today.

Therefore, Ontiva and Evano are the most trusted sources available online to undergo the process smoothly. Keeping its view, reputation, and trusted sources for being a free YouTube downloader, they are highly recommended.

By Josh Ravi - August 10, 2020

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