Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition will be a Great Success

Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition will be a Great Success By Shalini - April 22, 2022
Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition will be a Great Success

Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition will be a Great Success

Organizers and participants in the 18th edition of Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition, which will be organized from May 9 to 13 at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, confirmed that the next edition of this exhibition will be distinguished and filled with many exciting events that respond to the wishes of visitors and those interested in such exhibitions.

They noted that everyone is awaiting the launch of the exhibition's activities after it was not possible to organize it last year due to the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic, expressing great confidence in its success and its ability to form a prestigious platform for those interested in the jewelry and watches sector in Qatar and the world.

In this regard, the Head of Marketing and Planning Department at Qatar Tourism Sheikha Hessa Al-Thani, said in a conference organized by Qatar Tourism today that the new edition of Qatar Jewelery and Watches Exhibition will witness the participation of more than 500 brands from more than 10 countries, in addition to a selection of young Qatari designers, stressing the prestigious position that the exhibition enjoys at the local and international levels.

She explained that the timing of the exhibition's activities is important and exceptional for exhibitors to present their products of jewelry and watches, noting that there is a high turnout of exhibitors to participate in the event, especially since it will witness the display of many new jewelry.

She added that the exhibition will include a number of workshops and events, which will be announced at a later time, pointing to the great coordination taking place at the current stage with the various relevant authorities for the logistical preparation of the events and the preparation of the pavilions through which the exhibitors will present their products and exhibits.

The Head of Marketing and Planning Department at Qatar Tourism stressed the role played by Qatar Tourism in terms of supporting Qatari talents in all the events it organizes, which constitute a platform to introduce their capabilities and achievements, considering that the participation of a group of Qatari jewelry designers in the Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition is a unique opportunity for them to gain new experiences and collaborate with the rest of the exhibitors.
For his part, the Head of the Technical Support Department for Tourism Events and Festivals at Qatar Tourism Hamad Al Khaja, stressed that the exhibition has gained an international reputation within the global calendar of events related to jewelry and watches, saying, that the increase in participation in the event is increasing from one edition to another and this reflects its high global value and high attractiveness to exhibitors and visitors alike.

He also stressed the importance of the participation of the Indian and Turkish pavilions in the exhibition, given their position in the global market for jewelry and watches, pointing out that the Indian pavilion will include 18 exhibitors and the Turkish pavilion will include 8 exhibitors, both of whom will present the latest collections of jewelry and watches, indicating that the exhibition will also witness the display of video films about jewelry for the first time since its inception.

In addition, Qatari designers praised the role of the exhibition in introducing their capabilities and giving their products a double impetus to increase their spread in the Qatari and global market, as well as establishing cooperation and partnership relations with other international designers and companies, describing their participation in the exhibition as a strong push towards greater success.

It is noteworthy that last year, the 18th edition of Doha Jewelery and Watches Exhibition was postponed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) around the world, before the nineteenth session was recently announced.

Source: QNA


By Shalini - April 22, 2022

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