Doha Festival City Unveils Cutting-Edge Virtual Mall, Redefining the Future of Shopping in Qatar

Doha Festival City Unveils Cutting-Edge Virtual Mall, Redefining the Future of Shopping in Qatar By Janeesha Sagin - October 24, 2023
Doha Festival City Unveils Cutting-Edge Virtual Mall Redefining the Future of Shopping in Qatar

DFC Is Thrilled To Introduce Its Groundbreaking Virtual Mall Experience

Doha, Qatar – 23 October 2023: Doha Festival City, Qatar’s ultimate destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, is thrilled to introduce its groundbreaking Virtual Mall experience, set to launch in October this year. Reinforcing the brand positioning “My Place, My Choice”, this revolutionary digital platform launched under the tagline "Your Mall from Home. One Cart. Non-Stop Shopping", promises to redefine the retail landscape, providing consumers in Qatar with a unique shopping experience, all from the comfort of their own homes. 

The Virtual Mall boasts an enhanced 3D digital experience, leveraging state-of-the-art technology. Shoppers are transported on a unique digital journey as they stroll through the mall's corridors, step inside shops, and experience a digital interpretation of the actual physical stores in Doha Festival City.

Focusing on convenience and ease of usage, the Virtual Mall offers shoppers a hassle-free and seamless way to explore a diverse range of products available at Doha Festival City. Through the innovative 3D tour, the entire mall becomes accessible to customers, providing a unique shopping experience. While currently, online shopping is available at selective outlets, the future holds exciting possibilities, with plans to expand to cafes and restaurants.

Participating retailers in the Virtual Mall are poised to gain increased exposure to a broader audience in Qatar. While online shopping is currently available for select outlets, Doha Festival City envisions expanding this feature to include its range of cafes and restaurants. The platform is currently designed to cater to the local audience, focusing on showcasing the diverse retail offerings of Doha Festival City. During its initial phase, the Virtual Mall will exclusively cater to deliveries within Doha, ensuring the needs of local customers are met with precision. 

While the online shopping facility is currently available only in Qatar, the Virtual Mall platform allows international access to showcase the diversity of retailers in Doha Festival City. This increased accessibility opens new avenues for retailers, highlighting the richness of the Festival's retail sector to the world and promoting its varied offerings. In the initial phase, the Virtual Mall will provide deliveries exclusively within Doha to cater to the needs of local customers.

Robert Hall, General Manager of Doha Festival City, expressed his excitement, stating, "The Virtual Mall is a testament to our commitment to enhancing customer experiences and embracing digital innovation. With this revolutionary platform, we are redefining the future of shopping in Qatar, offering convenience, diversity, and unmatched accessibility”. 

Doha Festival City’s Virtual Mall ensures a seamless and convenient online shopping experience, allowing customers to explore an extensive range of participating stores effortlessly. With the innovative “Through ‘One Cart’” feature, shoppers can effortlessly consolidate their selections into a unified shopping cart. The mall’s advanced Virtual Mall platform offers multiple delivery options, including the convenience of same-day delivery from participating stores managed by E-Butler.

From cash on delivery to various digital wallet payment methods, the payment process is flexible and tailored to individual preferences. Moreover, customers can take advantage of the "Click & Collect" option, streamlining the process of collecting purchased items at their convenience. 

For an interactive shopping experience, the Virtual Mall presents two distinct features: the Chat with Store Experts and the Shopping Assistant. These complementary offerings empower customers to seamlessly engage with store experts during mall trading hours, providing personalized assistance and support. Customers can engage in direct conversations with store representatives, gaining detailed product information and insights. The Shopping Assistant enhances the experience by offering a personalized shopping journey tailored to individual preferences and needs. Shoppers looking for an interactive shopping experience can use Doha Festival City’s WhatsApp platform, available exclusively during mall operating hours. 

To access our Virtual Mall website, please visit or through Doha Festival City’s website. For more information, please call on 4035 4444 or check

By Janeesha Sagin - October 24, 2023

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