Check Out This Home Cinema – Could You Picture One In Your Home?

Check Out This Home Cinema – Could You Picture One In Your Home? By Daniel Clark - September 19, 2019
Check Out This Home Cinema Could You Picture One In Your Home

Check Out This Home Cinema – Could You Picture One In Your Home?

If you are thinking about creating your own home cinema system, then there is something to whet your appetite as to what can be achieved. This particular home cinema room was installed by renowned home cinema installation experts Custom Controls and I am sure you can appreciate what an amazing job they have done.

This cinema room was created in a relatively small 6 x 5 metre room, which means that you don’t necessarily have to have a large room to install your own home cinema. The projector used in this installation is a large 150-inch wide projector, which is around 4 meters. The new owners of the cinema room decided upon on a Sony VPL-VW760ES 4k projector, which has a huge 2,000 lumens. This means you can enjoy a cinema like an experience in the comfort of your own home. To maximize space, there are Artcoustic speakers located behind the projector, which are flanked by Spitfire 24-12 speakers at the front left, center and right. This sound is also given a bit of a boost thanks to the two high-quality Control 3 subwoofers.

With the Anthem ARC software that is installed, you are able to have the full room EQ managed and calibrated automatically to produce a revolutionary audio experience that few other cinema rooms can even come close to.

For comfort, the owner decided to install two rows of comfortable chairs, with single chairs situated in the front row, with two seat sofas in the back row in a raised position which is ideal for lounging around on. To place your drinks and snacks, you will see that there are tables between the seats.

For controlling the lighting in the room, there is a Crestron lighting control system installed. This allows the lamps in the room to be set at the correct level when you are watching your films.

The whole acoustic footprint of this home cinema installation is top quality. To complete the room, Custom Controls fitted a unique full acoustic fleece wrap on the wall before applying the top layer of fabric to the wall to improve the sound that little bit more. This particular cinema room was carefully designed by the in-house cinema design team at Custom Controls, and it certainly looks as though the new owners will enjoy their cinema room!

By Daniel Clark - September 19, 2019

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