CEO of Msheireb Properties Champions Sustainable Design Solutions

CEO of Msheireb Properties Champions Sustainable Design Solutions By Sruthi Nair - April 21, 2024
Downtown  Msheireb

Downtown Msheireb

Engr. Ali Al Kuwari, the Chief Executive Officer of Msheireb Properties, underscored the profound impact of design as the Innovation by Design Summit approaches on April 25. He emphasized that "design has the potential to shift paradigms, influence perspectives, and drive meaningful change."

Addressing the theme "Can Design Save the World?" to be explored at the summit, Al Kuwari stressed the importance of embracing circular design principles. He highlighted the significance of integrating sustainable materials, energy-efficient practices, and innovative waste management techniques into systems, buildings, and products as a viable approach towards effecting change. Al Kuwari expressed, "By creating products, buildings, and systems that repurpose and re-use resources through innovative design, we can extend the lifecycle of materials and reduce our impact on the planet."

Al Kuwari shared in a LinkedIn post, "At Msheireb Properties, we integrate circular design in our projects by incorporating sustainable materials, efficient energy use, and innovative waste management solutions. For instance, we utilize grey water for toilets and irrigation across the district landscapes at Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD), among other unique elements integrated into the district." MDD stands as the world's inaugural sustainable downtown regeneration project and is recognized as one of the most intelligent cities globally.

Underscoring that "design is not merely about aesthetics; it is a potent tool for communication," Al Kuwari asserted that thoughtful and responsible design can raise awareness about critical issues and inspire action. He cited museums as an example, highlighting the role of Msheireb Museums in creating an informed and engaged society through compelling narratives in its galleries.

Al Kuwari emphasized the transformative potential of design, stating, "Design possesses the capability to alter mindsets and shape the future of our communities and our planet." He affirmed that projects led by Msheireb Properties reflect this belief, combining innovative design with a profound respect for tradition and culture.

Msheireb Properties and Fast Company Middle East will host the Innovation by Design Summit at the Doha Design District in MDD. The summit will feature discussions on a range of topics, including "Can Design Save The World?," "Biophilic Design: A Design Movement Inspired By Nature," "Circular Design In Practice - Transforming Waste Into Resources," among others.


Source: The Peninsula

By Sruthi Nair - April 21, 2024
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