Best Lebanese Restaurants in Qatar

Best Lebanese Restaurants in Qatar By Abinaya Rajagopal - June 12, 2024
Best Lebanese Restaurants in Qatar

Lebanese cuisine, known for its rich flavours and diverse dishes, has found a special place in Qatar's vibrant culinary scene. 

Whether you're a fan of mezze, succulent grilled meats, or delightful desserts, the Lebanese restaurants in Qatar offer an array of options that cater to all tastes.

From cozy, casual spots to upscale, luxurious venues, here's an overview of must-try Lebanese restaurants in Qatar, featuring details about each one, including a brief description, contact information, and location:


Abajour offers a cozy ambiance paired with authentic Lebanese cuisine. Known for its rich flavours and traditional dishes, it’s a perfect spot for both casual dining and special occasions.

Contact: +974 5000 8919
Location: Doha Festival City, Umm Salal Muhammed, Doha

Huda Restaurant

Huda Restaurant is famed for its hearty portions and authentic flavours. From mezze to grills, the menu offers a wide variety of traditional Lebanese dishes that cater to all tastes.

Contact: +974 3335 2743
Location: Piazza Area Lagoona Mall, Doha

Beirut Restaurant

Beirut Restaurant brings the vibrant flavours of Lebanon to Qatar, offering a diverse menu that includes everything from fresh salads to succulent kebabs. The friendly service and welcoming atmosphere add to its charm.

Contact: +974 4435 5258
Location: Al Jazeera St, Doha

Villa Beirut Restaurant & Cafe

Villa Beirut Restaurant & Cafe combines a chic setting with authentic Lebanese cuisine. It's a great place for family gatherings or a night out with friends, offering a relaxing environment and delicious food.

Contact: +974 5060 0680
Location: InterContinental Doha Beach & Spa

Burj Al-Hamam

Burj Al-Hamam is a high-end Lebanese restaurant that promises an exquisite dining experience. Known for its fine dining atmosphere and exceptional service, it’s perfect for special occasions and business dinners.

Contact: +974 4409 5238
Location: One Porto Arabia Tower 1, Qatar

Bayt El Talleh

Bayt El Talleh offers a rustic and homely setting with a menu full of traditional Lebanese dishes. It’s a great place to enjoy hearty meals and warm hospitality.

Contact: +974 5010 1777
Location: Katara Hills, Katara Cultural Village, Doha

Yasmine Palace

Yasmine Palace Festival City provides a luxurious dining experience with a diverse menu featuring classic Lebanese dishes. The opulent décor and serene atmosphere make it a standout spot for fine dining.

Contact: +974 5008 5566
Location: Place Vendôme Mall & Doha Festival City & Pearl Qatar? Marina Way 31

Debs W Remman

Debs W Remman is a popular choice for those seeking authentic Lebanese food in a vibrant setting. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes from mezze to mains, all bursting with traditional flavours.

Contact: +974 3333 4663
Location: Medina Centrale, The Pearl Qatar, Doha, Qatar

These restaurants not only bring the rich flavours of Lebanese cuisine to Qatar but also provide unique dining experiences that range from casual to luxurious. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a lavish meal, these spots are worth a visit.

By Abinaya Rajagopal - June 12, 2024

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