9 Celebrities Who Back Cryptocurrency

9 Celebrities Who Back Cryptocurrency By daniel - November 25, 2022
9 Celebrities Who Back Cryptocurrency

9 Celebrities Who Back Cryptocurrency

Against the background of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many celebrities have joined the crypto community. And they make a significant contribution to the growth of digital quotes. One of the brightest examples is entrepreneur Elon Musk. As per buidlbee, the well-known trendsetter's statements about Shiba Inu and Dogecoin lead to an unprecedented growth of altcoins. And that’s insane! 

About which stars are still actively developing the cryptocurrency industry, we will tell below.

Terry Crews

Hollywood actor Terry Crews introduced his own cryptocurrency called POWER in March. To do this, he used the Roll platform. According to Crews, he uses the community in the Discord messenger to distribute his digital currency. There are already 3.34 million tokens in circulation, in total it is planned to issue 10 million coins.

Crews said that the idea to create his own cryptocurrency came to him during a trip to Milan. There, the actor wanted to buy designer furniture, but he didn’t have enough money in his bank account. Then he turned to a local bank to get money, but he was refused. Crews is sure that the refusal was directly related to the color of his skin. He really likes that cryptocurrency doesn’t care what color of skin the person who owns it.

Lindsey Lohan

At the beginning of 2021, actress Lindsay Lohan, unexpectedly for the members of the crypto community, shared her forecasts for the movement of the rate of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies. In the commercial, she predicted Bitcoin to rise to $100,000, and Ethereum to $10,000.

The actress also shows interest in the NFT token market. She believes in a world that is "financially decentralized." The actress planned to donate the proceeds from the her NFT sale to charitable organizations that accept cryptocurrency. According to her, the younger generation must "adapt to the revolution that humanity is witnessing."

Snoop Dogg

Rapper Snoop Dogg didn’t stand aside while NFT boom and released a collection of NFT tokens in early April 2021.

Also, the hip-hop artist showed interest in Elon Musk's favorite cryptocurrency – Dogecoin. In his microblog, Snoop Dogg published a joke post in which he changed his stage name to Snoop DOGE (a reference to Dogecoin). The coin reacted to the attention shown by growth.


Rapper Sean Corey Carter, known as Jay-Z, not only owns crypto assets, but also wants to develop cryptocurrency technology. In February 2021, the musician partnered with Twitter ex-CEO Jack Dorsey to donate 500 BTC to create a special fund that will expand the use of the main coin.

The goal of the fund is to turn the main digital coin into currencies for the entire Internet. In 2018, Jay-Z supported the financial startup Robinhood, which provides the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency.

Gene Simmons

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons turned out to be an active crypto investor. The musician invests in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, as well as XRP, and willingly shares this information with his subscribers.

Maisie Williams

Actress Maisie Williams, who played Arya Stark in the TV series Game of Thrones, showed interest in the field of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2020 and asked her Twitter followers what they think about investing in bitcoin. 

The actress was interested in whether she should "open a long position." Most commentators advised Williams not to do so. She later replied that she didn’t listen to the opinion of the majority and bought bitcoin anyway. "Thank you for the advice. I bought some anyway,” Williams wrote.

Paris Hilton

In August 2020, actress and businesswoman Paris Hilton auctioned off an NFT with a picture of her cat for 40 ETH. Later, in March 2021, it announced the release of a new batch of non-fungible tokens.

Paris Hilton makes friends with popular members of the crypto community and willingly wears sunglasses with the Bitcoin logo. One the web pics, the actress poses with the creator of the popular anonymous cryptocurrency Monero, Ricardo Spagni.

Reese Witherspoon

At the beginning of September 2021, the American actress shared information about the purchase of Ethereum with the readers of her multi-million audience microblog. At the same time, the celebrity urged her fans to follow her example.


Canadian singer Grimes, who gave birth to Elon Musk’s son last May, made $5.8 million in 20 minutes by issuing her own collection of NFT tokens. The presentation of the collection took place at the Nifty Gateway site. The tokens were tied to four drawings that the artist created in collaboration with her digital artist brother Mac Boucher. 

The artist donated part of her earnings to the non-governmental organization Carbon 180, which is engaged in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Grimes continues to conduct giveaways of her NFT tokens on Twitter.

Not only ordinary people, but also celebrities are striving to get rich on the next price increase – many of them already own cryptocurrencies, while others are going to do it. Which of the stars supporting the crypto do you know? Share in the comments.

By daniel - November 25, 2022
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