12 Important Rules for Business Owners In Qatar To Follow to Avoid Legal Penalties

12 Important Rules for Business Owners In Qatar To Follow to Avoid Legal Penalties By Syed Shah - August 20, 2023
Twelve Important Rules for Business Owners In Qatar To Follow to Avoid Legal Penalties

12 Important Rules for Business Owners In Qatar To Follow to Avoid Legal Penalties

When it comes down to being an owner of Business or an organization, whether you are an expat or a local, being an organization owner comes with many responsibilities that must be fulfilled. in order to continue completing your tasks & operations successfully and in a legal manner.

There are obligations that are mandatory and they must be followed at all costs as these obligations have been set by the MOCI. However, rules can be different for Qataris as well. To start a business legally in Qatar, the expat business owner must have a partnership with a Qatari as a sponsor, otherwise no business can be started without following this rule.

By not following any legal rules that have been set or posted by the MOCI, the owners will become subject to penalties by the authorities.

List of the 12 MOCI rules that business owners are obligated to follow:

1.    It is obligatory for the business owners to show the commercial register and the license in a prominent place at the licensed location to save the business owner from performing a legal violation.

2.    It is mandatory to attach the license plate number on your shop’s design to stop any legal violations being performed and being a subject to penalties.

3.    It is forbidden to give accommodation to the workers on the building of the organization. If the employees are being provided with an accommodation, then it is mandatory to remove them right away to save the owner from penalties.

4.    To keep away from legal liability, the owner must make sure that the commercial register and licenses are renewed at least 30 days before the expiry date.

5.    Information must be updated that relates to the commercial register along with commercial licenses in case of any new charges that may appear.

6.    The owner must make sure to get all of the necessary permits from the concerned parties before a signature is placed on the lease contract for service activities taking place at a residential area.

7.    When it comes down to selecting a service activity in a residential area. The business owner must to follow the urban planning along with the company standards. This can be accomplished by going to the branches of the ministry that is located in the area.

8.    It is the responsibility of the owner as a merchant to provide receipts to the customers, they must be detailed, well-structured and in Arabic in addition to any other language.

9.    Be sure to go through the name of the commercial activities before applying. The owner can apply through the Ministry’s mobile application app or by going to the nearest Ministry branch.

10.     It is strictly forbidden to perform any other commercial activities apart from the activities that are allowed in the commercial register and license.

11.     If the business owner wishes to give offers or discounts to the customers, the first thing that has to be done is to get a license from the market control and licensing department at the consumer section. Approval can be obtained from the MOCI website.

12.     Lastly, a preliminary approval must be received from the commercial licenses department before attaching the business owner’s signature on the lease contract for the site to be licensed.

By Syed Shah - August 20, 2023

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