10 Compelling Reasons to Buy Child Insurance

10 Compelling Reasons to Buy Child Insurance By Gaurav Salkar - March 07, 2022
 Child Insurance

Child Insurance

Every parent dream for their kids to have the best upbringing possible, as well as a happy and safe tomorrow. However, parents are often unable to provide their kids with a well-planned financial foundation to follow their career objectives owing to simple neglect or carelessness. Insurers point out that one of the major factors leading to this has been delayed preparation. With the usual cost of completing higher education increased dramatically in recent generations, establishing a precise financial strategy to protect your child's future is becoming imperative. 

A child protection plan insurance is a one-stop alternative for securing the child's future and ensuring that all of his or her future requirements are met. Continue reading to learn why you must have a child insurance plan to give proper financial security to your kids.

What is a Child Protection Plan?

A child insurance plan is a kind of insurance policy that provides a lump-sum payout upon the policyholder's demise. The future premiums are waived under a child insurance plan, and the insurance provider continues to invest these funds on behalf of the insured in the event of his or her demise. Some of these plans are market-linked, allowing the insured to engage in both stocks and debt, while others are conventional, investing exclusively in debt.

Why Choose a Child Plan?

Investing in a child protection plan may appear to be a bad choice because a child has no monetary worth and no responsibilities or dependents. Yet, there is a widespread misperception that a child's life should be covered. In reality, the parent is the life guaranteed in a child insurance policy, while the kid is the nominee. A kid plan is a prominent financial instrument for saving for your child's future. It considers the many stages in your child's future for which a significant quantity of money may be required.

Reasons to Buy Child Insurance

1. Investment and protection

You obtain the combined benefits of insurance coverage and investment through a child education policy created for child education. By including a premium waiver rider, no further premium payments are required to be made in your absence. Even if something happened to you, your child's hopes would not be dashed. It will assist you in maintaining the pledge. Your kids can study in any nation and pursue any course of study they like.

2. Create financial corpus for child's education

Today, having a financial backup for the kids is critical and should not be disregarded. A child insurance policy assists in the creation of a financial corpus for the children and the accumulation of assets to meet their future requirements. Furthermore, a child protection plan life insurance covers educational fees with no financial load or worry. The sum assured provided by the child insurance policy is determined by the premium paid for the policy as well as the rules and parameters of the policy.

3. Security for the loan for Higher Education

With India's rising education costs, higher education is prohibitively costly, whether one wishes to send his or her kids to a college, a private institution in India, or overseas. Overseas academics are far more costly. Thus, having a child insurance plan is critical to ensuring that the kid's higher education costs are paid. A child plan can be utilized to acquire a loan for higher education, and the perks provided by the policy can be used as security for the loan. The child plan, as a profitable investment choice for a child's financial preparation, not only takes responsibility for university education but also assists in establishing the practice of organized savings to guarantee the child's future.

4. Affordability

When you purchase whole life insurance for the children, the monthly expense you spend will be determined by numerous criteria, including the value of the plan and the children's age and health at the time the policy is bought. Since coverage cost is dependent on age and health, the expense is quite low for most people. This implies that the premiums will stay cheap for the policyholder, who may assume responsibility for the insurance payments as a younger person. Furthermore, because the insurance is whole life insurance, the rates will not rise as your kid grows older. 

5. Support the child even if something happens to the parents

An unexpected occurrence may happen to anybody at any moment, and the untimely death of parents can have a negative economic and psychological impact on the kid. A child protection plan allows parents to safeguard their child's financial security even when they are not there. In the case of the unexpected demise of parents during the policy term, the insurance provider gives the benefit of a premium waiver, in which the whole premium of the insurance plan is waived for the remainder of the insurance plan term, and the benefits of the policy remain in effect.

6. Provide peace of mind

Obviously, no parent wishes to make the kids see the early demise of their parents. However, if that becomes unavoidable, the death benefit can assist in alleviating some of the burdens during a difficult time. It can be used to pay for medical expenditures, burial costs, and more. If you and your partner need time away from work to grieve and absorb the incident, the death benefit can support you with it.

7. Helps in a medical emergency 

The child insurance plan also allows you to withdraw cash at any time throughout the policy's term. The deposit amount might be used for the child's medical care if he or she becomes unwell. When a kid is hospitalized due to an illness, small accident, or significant medical condition, partial withdrawal might be employed. Furthermore, a child insurance plan decreases the financial strain that may arise as a consequence of any medical crisis.

8. Premium waiver benefit

Most child insurance policies provide a premium waiver feature as standard. Yet, if it is not included, the insured can purchase this rider as add-on protection in addition to the basic plan. The upcoming premium of the insurance is waived under this rider option if the insured dies within the policy's term. The insurance benefits are available until the policy expires.

9. Excellent Profits

Child insurance schemes provide excellent returns on investment. You can assure that your kid receives a decent return on investment from the plan. The premiums are accumulated to give out a large sum in the future.

10. Cash value

The term "cash value" refers to another advantage of a whole life insurance policy. This is cash that develops tax-free and is undisturbed by market fluctuations. Your kid will be able to use it at any point in the future for any purpose, from paying unexpected medical bills to supporting to pay for education or even marriage.


Building robust financial padding for the kid's future is critical, and the best child insurance plan assists in creating the necessary financial support for the child. It makes no difference how much a person begins saving; the goal should be to begin saving as soon as possible so that he or she may secure a positive return in the long run.

By Gaurav Salkar - March 07, 2022

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