World Cup success big reason for continuing Hayya services: CEO

World Cup success big reason for continuing Hayya services: CEO By A Robin - December 12, 2023
Hayya Platform

Hayya Platform

Hayya Platform CEO Saeed Ali Al Kuwari affirmed that the tremendous success achieved during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 greatly contributed to the platform’s continued provision of all its services post-tournament. He highlighted a shift in focus towards visitors, aiming to enhance ambitious tourism plans in Qatar by offering numerous services through the Hayya platform.

Doha will host the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 from January 12 to February 10, with 24 participating teams, playing a total of 51 matches in nine stadiums.

In exclusive remarks made to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Kuwari said that the Hayya platform was a creation of the country’s insightful leaders that came to life during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. He noted that it now serves as the gateway for attending various events in Qatar, with anyone wishing to enter the country having to utilize this platform to choose from the range of visas available, spanning events like the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 and the World Aquatics Championships, along with numerous other tournaments hosted by Qatar.

He emphasised that, during the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, the platform will provide information on transportation and various options to access events using diverse means of transportation. This includes taxi booking service Karwa through the platform and a fan alert program. Registration on the platform is a prerequisite for those seeking media permits for the continental tournament. 

Al Kuwari explained that the platform’s continuity required the official introduction of tourist visas within the platform. The first step was launching the new tourist visas on the platform for all countries.

Hence, anyone wishing to visit Qatar must apply through the platform to obtain a visa. He pointed out that the following step was for the Hayya platform to manage new events, incorporating all event services in Qatar through the platform, and offering complete support and services for visitors to enjoy events in Qatar.

He highlighted that evolving the platform’s concept from fan visas to tourist visas and from a programme for fans to one for events in Qatar has been highly successful.

He noted that many events held in Qatar utilise the Hayya platform, which provides all necessary visitor services and comprehensive details about existing events and their schedules.

He said that the tourist visas available on the Hayya platform are flexible for attending various events as per the conditions.

Those who have Hayya visas will gain entry through electronic gates at Hamad International Airport.

Moreover, visitors arriving via the Abu Samra land border will have the option of using the Hayya platform’s pre-registration service (which is optional) for easy entry into the country by obtaining vehicle permits. Additionally, the application will provide GCC citizens with an option to obtain entry permits for accompanying individuals from GCC countries.

He stressed that those interested in visiting Qatar can apply through the platform, and a response will be provided within 48 hours. He emphasised that visas issued via the Hayya platform are not valid for work and cannot be converted into work visas, subject to clear conditions and instructions listed on the website.

The Hayya CEO noted that the user base for Hayya applications has now reached approximately 3.8 million, supported by a round-the-clock call center addressing platform-related concerns.

He revealed that there are discussions to expand the platform’s offerings with additional services for visitors.

By A Robin - December 12, 2023

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