Turkish, Peruvian Exhibitions Opened in Katara

Turkish, Peruvian Exhibitions Opened in Katara By Harshita Kaur - September 05, 2022
Turkish and Peruvian Exhibitions Opened in Katara

Image Source: QNA

Exhibitions of "Beautiful Turkey" and "Photos from Peru" were inaugurated on Sunday evening at the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), The opening ceremony was attended by Director General of the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, a number of ambassadors, diplomats and a group of media men in Building No. 18 (Hall 2) and Building 47 (Hall 2) in Katara.

The lenses of the photographers depicted during the two exhibitions the aesthetics and history of Turkey and photographers association, and each photo in the exhibition displays a different beauty from Turkey that varied between the magic of the picturesque nature with its rivers and mountains, and between the historical and urban monuments that this country abounds in, such as eco-boats. In Dalyan, Ishak Pasha Palace located in Dogubayazit, Agri, Turkey, Boludeguler National Park, and Guzelcamli Beach in Aydin Province, as well as conveying the atmosphere of part of the celebrations of the Turkish Republic Day, which falls on October 29 of each year, where a fireworks display was organized and a procession of lanterns in the Bosphorus was held.

As for the exhibition (Photographs from Peru), which includes about 41 photographs, in addition to some other artworks of traditional costumes and horse saddles, it reflects the history of this ancient country, and the diversity of its terrain, climate as well as flora and fauna.

From the Peruvian national flower the Cantuta, the Peruvian orchid, the gallito de las rocas, the national bird of Peru, the Jucata-Amazonas Falls, and the Amazon River, all the way to historical monuments such as: Quilab Castle Amazonas, the photographers transported the aspects of their country thousands of miles away.

Director General of Katara, said in a statement on the occasion of the opening of the two exhibitions, that the Cultural Village Foundation diversifies in its exhibitions by shedding light on multiple cultures and civilizations to give visitors to the Cultural Village the opportunity to get to know the others from multiple sides and in different ways, pointing out that each of these events and activities achieve Katara's message, which seeks to build bridges of communication between peoples through art in its various tributaries.

For her part, Charge d'Affairs at the Turkish Embassy in Qatar described in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) the relations between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Turkey as very distinct, indicating that the exhibition conveys different aspects of her country, whether its scenic nature or its ancient history.
Her Excellency also praised the great interest that the exhibition received from the first moments of its opening.

Regarding the activities of the Turkish embassy in the country in the coming days, especially with the approach of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Borgo Kyogo said, "We will have intensive cultural activities that will further consolidate relations between Qatar and Turkey, noting that what we are experiencing is a continuation of the cultural year harvest." / Qatar - Turkey 2015/.In turn, Dr. Omer Ozkan, director of the Turkish Yunus Emre Cultural Center in Doha, said in a similar statement to QNA that the center seeks to strengthen cultural ties between the countries in which it is present, explaining that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is a great opportunity for us to increase The momentum of events to reach the largest number of visitors, as we will organize various events, including showing Turkish films at the Museum of Islamic Art to introduce the culture of Turkey.He pointed out that the Yunus Emre Center is witnessing a great turnout, whether from Qatari citizens or residents, noting that the interest in learning the Turkish language is indescribable.

For his part, HE. the Ambassador of the Republic of Peru to Qatar Jose Benzaquen Perea praised , in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), praised the activities carried out by the Cultural Village, hailing at the same time the opportunity found for his country's embassy in Qatar to present an exhibition to highlight the landmarks of his beautiful country and its history. He noted that these cultural and artistic images will make the visitor close to Peru and its cultures.

Source: QNA

By Harshita Kaur - September 05, 2022

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