Top 5 Best Tor Browser Alternatives

Top 5 Best Tor Browser Alternatives By Amelie Miles - June 07, 2021
Top 5 Best Tor Browser Alternatives

Top 5 Best Tor Browser Alternatives

With a number of privacy issues invading people on the internet, the Tor Browser gained itself quite a name for allowing people to browse the web anonymously. Besides maintaining privacy on the web, the Tor Browser allowed people to venture into the unindexed part of the web. Comprised of Deep Web and the Dark web, the Tor Browser provided people with not only the capability to access the deep web but to create deep web links on the dark net. Today, we are going to talk about the best Alternatives for the Tor Browser:

One of the best peer-to-peer networks available for free is the Freenet. It allows you to oppose censorship and makes use of same P2P tools to distribute stored data and information but separates the network structure from the rules guiding the user interface. It comes with a two-tier safety measure – Opennet and Darknet. The Opennet allows the users to connect with other users on the Freenet arbitrarily while Darknet only allows you to connect to other users if you have each other’s Public keys.

If you are looking for live operating system, then Tails is the best alternative available for the Tor Browser. This OS can easily be started off on your devices by using a SD card, DVD or through a USB drive. The OS comes with its own set of pre-configured apps including a web browser, office suite, sound and image editors, IM client and more in-built into it. Tails makes use of Tor’s anonymity services and adds a few more security levels to them.

One of the best anonymous peer-to-peer networks available on the web is the I2P. This network distributes communication layer made using the open source tools available on the internet. This software implements the I2P layer with all the systems running the OS known as I2P node. It is faster than the Tor Browser and has a fully distributed, self-organizing capability. The major difference between the Tor and the I2P is that it selects peers on the basis of continuous ranking and profiling. However, it makes use of unidirectional nodes to send and receive information which increases the number of nodes.

If you need an OS which is fully based on the Linux-based OS, then Freepto is the one to go for. This OS can be booted onto your systems through a USB with the data you are saving automatically encrypted on the USB. The OS is pre-loaded with a number of useful apps such as image editor, mail client, web browser and more and has an easy installation process. You can easily make changes to the Freepto and add your own software to it. The OS is based on Debian Live build which makes it easy for you to make new tools for yourself.

Subgraph OS
This OS is very similar to Tails as it also makes the use of the Tor Network but instead, it focuses more on usability. The OS has a built-in disk encryption, email client and firewall to protect you online. You can either choose to install the Subgraph OS as a permanent OS on your system or choose to boot it from a DVD or a USB.

The Bottom Line
Though Tor is one of the most common browsers you should be eyeing at to access the deep web, there are alternatives to Tor Browser as well. If you are bored with the interface and want to try something new and innovative, we have listed down a few Tor browser alternatives that you should give a try.


By Amelie Miles - June 07, 2021

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