Simple & Easy hacks to make your room look bigger

Simple & Easy hacks to make your room look bigger By Qatar Day - January 06, 2021
Simple & Easy hacks to make your room look bigger

Simple & Easy hacks to make your room look bigger

Off late, most of us have been spending a whole lot of time in our homes. Whether it’s for online classes, working from home or indulging in hobbies. With the increased amount of time being spent at home, it only makes sense to revamp and redecorate your humble abode to make your surroundings look pleasant and bright.

Living in a metro, most of us survive in cramped and small spaces. We live in flats, which have limited space. In such cases, a small space can be made to look bigger and spacious with some simple tricks. There are many clever colour techniques, lighting hacks and interior design ideas to make your compact apartment look big and spacious.

Add a mirror

Using mirrors is a great way to make any space look bigger. They reflect light and make the room look brighter. They create an illusion of depth and trick the eyes into perceiving more space. 

Hang drapes from a height

While hanging drapes, use light coloured drapes to expand the sense of space of your room and make sure to hang them from a height. Avoid your drapes touching the floor and keep them a few inches away from the ground to give an illusion of visual height.

Put open shelves

Invest in open shelves to keep your things like books or mementoes or photo frames. Closed cabinets will make your room look confined and cramped. Open shelves will ensure that your eyes travel in the room and will also free up the floor space.

Keep the middle zone free

The middle zone is the very centre of your room. This area includes the centre of the wall. While hanging stuff on your walls, make sure to leave this area free. Divide your wall into thirds and accordingly hang your wall decor.

By Qatar Day - January 06, 2021

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